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Case Title: What causes the emotional or psychological instability for women having a hysterectomy ?
Reader: 7/15/2002>
When a Woman has a complete hesterectomy are they prone to cry alot and could you tell me why this is so because i had that done about a year and a half ago and now men call me cry baby. How long does this postpardom stay with a women?

Dr. Lin: 7/17/2002>
Hysterectomy brings the patients to the menopause state in 7 days after surgery. That is, the patients will start to experience some of the menopause symptoms - physically and psychologically right the way.
Hysterectomy causes your brain instability due to the removal of your mass hormone reservoir, the uterus, and the lost of the interaction between the uterus and nervous systems. 
The major hormones stored in the uterine tissues are estrogen, progesterone, androstenedione and testosterone.
The uterus serves as a hormone baffler that provides the brain with the hormones via the bloodstream when the brain's hormone receptors experience the deficiency of the hormones. Noticeably, androstenedione can be converted to estrone (a weak estrogen) and testosterone in the tissues.  Estrone is the principle hormone in protecting against osteoporosis, strengthening the bones, and preventing menopause women from experiencing hot flashes.
Note that Menstruating women produce about 50% of androstenedione by their ovaries and about another 50% by their adrenal glands,  and the removal of your ovaries has cost you 50% of total androstenedione production.  Testosterone in the brain's receptors make you brave and let you carry high stress, resist pressure and take risks. That is why Brave Men won't drop teas. Testosterone is the fuel of the psychological fires, the dopamine is the fire flame and Estrogen is the water to cool down the brain and nervous functions. With a high dopamine level without sufficient serotonin, the patients will experience stress , anxiety and emotional instability due to excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion in the adrenal medulla when the DHEA level is too low.
Androstenedione teams with DHEA to help stabilize the brain and nervous functions.
I have termed the adrenal-generated DHEA hormone as the Kidney Yin Chi and the adrenal generated androstenedione as the Kidney Yang Chi. That is why our ViaGrowth-III and IV contains both DHEA and androstenedione to help stabilize the brain function and the emotional psychology in conjunction with the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and serotonin.  That is why Hysterectomized women lost the hormone reservoir, generally resulting in an emotional roller coaster for this reason.
The uterus also interact with the brain via the nervous systems - the sensory-parasympathetic circuits of S2-S4 and the sensory sympathetic nervous circuits of T10-L2, in addition to the bloodstream. There are 3 main areas involved in the uterine-nervous interactions:
1. The beta endorphin (the feeling-good hormone) production - The uterus produces beta endorphins in the endometrium. Through its influence on the ovarian cycling due to the estrogen and progesterone reservation level, the uterus affects the production of endorphins by the brain and pituitary gland. A high progesterone level in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle reduces the brain's production of beta endorphins, resulting in PMS.   
2. The prostaglandins production of the cervix - prostaglandins affects the nervous functions. For example, prostaglandin E-1 increases the tissue and neuron elasticity and help the parasympathetic neuro-muscular endings to release the 2nd transmitter nitric oxide in the arterial wall for arterial dilation for increasing the blood flow. Therefore, it helps reduce blood pressure, build muscles and trigger erection of the clitoris, the G-spot and the entire urethral/vaginal spongy tissues for narrowing the vagina).  It is an penile injection drug for an instantaneous and long-lasting erection.  Prostaglandin E-2 can trigger the sympathetic nerves for the contraction of uterine/vaginal contractile fibers for orgasm.  For men, prostaglandin E-2 in the pre-cum produced by the Cowper's glands triggers the premature ejaculation via the sympathetic nervous circuits in the prostate..
3. The sensory nervous endings or nervous convergence zone located in the Epicenter and cervix ( http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg   or http://www.actionlove.com/image/engorge.jpg  ) - the stimulation of the Epicenter/cervix will signal the brain/pituitary to secret the orgasmic or emotional hormone oxytocin and trigger uterine contraction for orgasm during sex or for labor at the end of the pregnancy. The stimulation of Epicenter/cervix also trigger the release of beta endorphins in the brains. That is why women want to have orgasm.
The uterus has continuously served the post-menopause women in these regards although the aged ovaries stop producing eggs.  Hysterectomized women may miss a lot in these aspects. To stabilize your brain functions and enhance your sexual resposnes, ViaPal-hGH-M or ViaPal-hGH-P can help you out.
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