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Case Title: Over-masturbation + penile jelqing or exercises = destructive penile damage for no more erection and Sexual Orgasm; Why?
Reader: 7/15/2002>
Dear Doc,
I'm 18 and I have been masturbating daily since I was 13, my problem began about 2 and a half months ago - i have been jelqing for two weeks (i jelqed very hard) than i had blue/purple marks on my penis and i couldn't get a strong erection, not to talk about morning erection - I could get a very weak erection for a short time after stimulating my penis.At that time i thought it will pass in a few days, and so I continued watching porn and masturbate ,as I used to, for about a week. When I saw I'm not healing i gave my penis to rest for a few days, meaning I stopped watching porn and masturbate.After that i've been on and off with porn and masturbation for a month - i must say that an improvment was made untill that point i could get a weak erection when i saw porn and when i woke up, the erection wasn't strong enough of course.At this point i again thought that i mustn't stimulate my penis in order to heal - that is because my penis was a bit sore when he was erected and thetip of it was sore and i had to pee a lot- and so i didn't masturbate for a 3-4 weeks,that was untill a week ago ,than i read on your site about a man with a problem quite like mine, on your answer to him you said that ejeculation won't damage his penis.After reading this i watched porn and could get a very strong erection in a few minutes (i believe it was rocket erection), during this erection my penis was a bit sore.
Will i ever heal? how long will it take?
can i ejaculate without damaging my penis?
Please tell me what to do in order to heal, there is a problem ,since i still live with my parents and i dont have a job or even a way to order your products without my parents knowing about my shameful problem, i can't order your products.
Thanks a lot for your time and attention. 

Dr. Lin: 7/17/2002>
Yes! Over-masturbation and penile exercises can not team together. If you team them together, they will kill your penis and causes penile damage. Why? Over-masturbation has depleted your neurochemicals and hormones that are supposed to help your tissues (including your prostate and penis), joints, ligaments and muscles. to produce the relaxation and elasticity hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1). Over-masturbation also set your body on sympathetic fire - the excessive production of the stress hormones adrenalin and Cortisol. A high level of adrenalin in your blood stream will also block the PGE-1 production, resulting in body pains or cramps. A lack of PGE-1 in your body will make the tissues become rigid and fragile. That is why you get penile pain or soreness when you have an erection. If you may experience tissues-tearing pains or cramps if you stretch or bend your tissues, muscles, joints or ligaments. If you attempt to "exercise", stretch or bend your penis when your PGE-1 in the penile spongy tissues is too low, you will damage the penile tissues and nerves. As a result, the penile exercises, stretching or bending give you nothing but impotence, a deformed/crooked penis, or penile varicose and spider veins.
You may wonder why your physical exercise teachers want you to warm your body before you perform violent exercises.
The reason is to produce sufficient PGE-1 to "lubricate" your muscles and joints.
Can you do the penile exercises without PGE-1?
Particularly, the penile spongy tissues, which are not muscles, are so delicate that they can not bear too much external stresses or loads. There is no muscles there for you to exercise.
You have stop ejaculation and forget the existence of your penis for while.
To stimulate the PGE-2 production in your penile spongy tissues for healing, use a warm towel to wrap it upon the morning wake-up call when your hormone level is high, your stress level is low, and your parasympathetic nervous functions are very active.
If the problem persists, You need MoodMax to help you out.
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