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Case Study -  She said ' his sperm count was 44 million ... the usual or normal sperm count is 14-20 million' after on ViaGrowth-IV and Fibra and getting rid of SSRIs antidepressants; Now, how to lay a healthy egg for making a baby at age 45; more sexual orgasm!
Reader: 7/16/2002> 
I am 45 and my boyfriend and I have known each other over 15 years now. Only the last year have we become a couple. For this year we have been trying to have a baby. He is 38 and Bi-Polar. At first he was on nur?tin and as you know he had the ssri sexual disfuntions that come along....since Jan he is off the pharmaceutical meds and is taking samE, St.John's Wart, B Complex, Fish Oil, Ginsing and of course your WONDERFUL Viagrowth IV and Fibre (fixed him right up).... the last two months he's had no real problems with ejaculating or with orgasms inside me. In fact his sperm count was 44 million when we did our first insemination last month. We've been trying naturally also. The problem seems to be with me. It took about three months for your products to work wonders with him and in fact the doctor who did the insemination marveled at his numbers because he said the usual or normal sperm count is 14-20 million....His words overheard by us were....impressive! So, I !
am hoping you have something to help me with my old eggs (I still am ovulating no signs of menopause) to fertilize or encourage my eggs to make/release more. In the past I've been very fertle. I have three children. I had my first child at age 30 in 1985 and my youngest at age 36. The doctors did see two small fibroids but other than that my tubes are open and it all looks good. Since I only have three months worth of Health insurance because it ends for infertility when I am 46 Oct 1. I would like to increase the chances as much before that as possible and even after to conceive naturally without the aid of insemination.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you for your time.

Dr. Lin: 7/16/2002> Oh, boy, this is a tough question for me to answer since we are not involved in helping love couples make babies. We have known our products can help men produce a lot of semen and re-activate spematogenic cells for sperm production after a reversal vasectomy.

The main problem is that women can produce only a limited number of eggs in their lives, while men produce unlimited sperms until the testicular function is completely dead! We have heard  90-year old men fathering babies in the news, but never heard a 60-year old woman getting pregnant! I did hear a 55-year woman giving birth a baby years ago.
Since you are 45, in the peri-menopause stage, if your ovaries can still squeeze out a "healthy" egg, you still have a chance to get pregnant! Here, the "healthy" egg means the egg can be fertilized.
Seeding the fertilized egg requires a high level of progesterone (a normal thickness of the uterine lining) at your age.
We know Viagrowth-IV, MoodMax and/or DopaFibra (that is ViaPal-hGH-P) can increase the blood flow and provide all the essential nutrients in support of the ovarian functions. They help regulate menstrual cycles for women and normalize the menstrual flow volume too. This means they regulate the uterine functions. Noticeably, DopaFibra is a dopamine formula which stimulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian (testicular, for men) axis to release a high level of FSH and LH via the dopamine nervous system. It will drive the ovarian (testicular) functions high and attempt to revive the ageing ovarian functions (Noticeably, ViaPal-hGH-P has successfully done that for the testicular functions associated with semen and sperm productions!). 
Note that the ovaries, like the old soldiers, never die, but fade away as ageing, even for the post-menopause women!  Thus, DopaFibra is very good for pre-menopause women who want good eggs for making babies, and for the post-menopause women who want to revive or enhance their orgasmic responses and whose FSH and LH have been dropped too low to re-activate the ovarian functions. but not good for women in the menopause transition, whose hypothalamus/pituitary functions send excessive FSH and LH to stimulate the ovarian functions.

As for menopause, ViaPal-hGH-M (or -E)  gives women a very smooth transition for menopause and helps reduce the menstrual volume to zero without any pains, cramps, hot flushes (flashes), sleeping disorder, vaginal dryness,  or any emotional instability, and make the vagina much tighter than it was, and orgasms more powerful and much easier than they were. The most benefits of the products for sex is to tighten the vagina, to make the vagina extremly hot,  and to give a sustaining and continuing lubrication for a 1-3 hour lovemaking session. My wife loves it very much.
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