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Case Study -  She said ' We have used some of your products before and were very pleased with the results.' Blood-pressure medication drugs causes his sexual dysfunction; Unsatisfied sex causes her Vasocongestion - pelvic congestion; how to have a Level-7 sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/6/2002>
Can you explain vasocongestion? Can females experience it?
If a female is multi-orgasmic and then due to some emotional problems she is not reaching any orgasm with her partner then she experiences pelvic discomfort, is that or can that be vaso-congestion. What can she do to alleviate the pain?

Dr. Lin: 7/7/2002>
It is due to the blood trapping in certain parts of the body after the arterial dilation or tissues expansion resulting from the excessive production of prostaglandins.
Yes! both men and women can experience in the crotch, pubis, groins and tailbone areas.
We call the problem the pelvic congestion.
When you become sexually aroused without achieving an orgasm to release the blood, you will have this problem in your pelvic area. This problem forces people to masturbate for self-release.
Antihistamine (allergy medicines) drugs can block production of prostaglandins in the tissues, reduce or eliminate vasocongestion, and return the swelling tissues to the flaccid state.

Reader: 7/8/2002> 
Thank-you for you immediate attention in this matter.

My partner and I have relations optimally every 4 or 5 days (sometimes the period is longer). most times my orgasms were multiple. I was never satisfied with the frequency of our relations. Once every 4 or 5 -10 days just doesn't seem healthy. Due to my frustration with the relationship and some recent emotional added stress in our relationship I am not having any orgasms. It isn't the right time to tell him that things have changed in that way. Can you prescribe something for me to intensify my experiences with him so That I can relax and enjoy our times as infrequent as they are together. I feel pressured for time when I am with him. I feel like I am about to cum then... nothing this keeps on happening during the entire time. Clitoral orgasm is okay but I can only achieve 1 clitoral orgasm at a time. I also feel that once we get started having sex I get too wide and too moist. I was on the pill for a year to increase my breast size but I stopped because I get migranes too often. Please don't prescribe anything that may decrease my breast size. I am currently taking herbs to increase my breast size. I haven't noticed a difference but I have a month and a half to go on them. saw palmetto damiana dong quai fenugreek dandelion blessed thistle kava kava wild yam motherwort corn powder hydrolyzed collagen and vitex agnus castus.

I bought some vibrators but they are so intense I don't want an artificial subsitute. It may be good sometimes with your partner or to use to release a build up but I don't want to use it to subsitute for a good relationship.Thank-you, 

Dr. Lin: 7/8/2002>Ok! ViaPal-hGH-D (3-012) can help you out and give you a fast response.
ViaPal-hGH-D contains 1 ViaGrowth-IV, 1 Fibra Tea (2-oz), and 1 Ginseng Tea (2-oz).
Our ViaGrowth-IV product will make your breast become firmer and your clitoris and G-spot erect bigger. You should take it 1 tablet once or twice a day.
Let him take Viagrowth-IV too if possible. When you want to have sex, Drink Fibra and Ginseng Tea 1 - 2 doses .
He should drink 1-2 doses of the Fibra and Ginsend Tea. ViaPal-hGH-D will also improve his erection size.
We have another packageViaPal-hGH-P which can double or tripple the male sexual frequency.
Either Viapal-hGH-D or -P will imporve his erection and sustaining power, and the erection of your clitoris and G-spot.
The only difference is that ViaPal-hGH-D contains Fibra and Ginseng Tea which can take action on the brain and nervous systems in 30 minutes, while ViaPal-hGH-P will give men and women more sexual power but it will take about 1 hour to kick in.
I wonder he should increase his sexual power and frequency to satisfy you vaginally.
The drawback of clitoral orgasm is: once you have it, the clitoris may become too sensitive to be touch in another round of the vaginal sex. This is due to excessive accumulation and production of histamine and stress in the clitoral tissues during orgasm.
So, the best shot is to erect the clitoris and G-spot first and then stimulate the clitoris/G-spot and Epicenter at the same time to produce a Level-7 orgasm, a volcano eruption-type or earthquake-type orgasm.
You should get a Finger-pliers massage on both sides of your clitoral shaft and G-spot to maximize your Clitoral and G-spot Erection before a final action for a Level-7 orgasm. please read this article
The Finger Pliers Method triggered Her Supper Level-7 full-body sexual orgasm.
In the final action of lovemaking, make sure that his penis and your clitoris and G-spot are fully powered up and his glans penis is locked into your Epicenter. http://www.actionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg 
Remember, you need a high speed stimulation to get a powerful orgasm -

Reader 7/9/2002>
Thank-you Dr.Lin,

Is there anything that I can do about feeling too wide and too moist during intercourse?

Initially I am too tight but once we get started it is the opposite.

One important thing to note is that he has very high blood pressure. The doctors are trying to bring it down and have not been sucessful. He says that when he is on the medications that they prescribe his libido is very.. too low. It was so bad that at one time he stopped taking the medicine so that he could enjoy having the stamina that he had become used to. We have used some of your products before and were very pleased with the results. What should he take?

Should I take the VIP cream? I am female and how would I use it?

Dr. Lin: 7/10/2002>
Yes! Viapal-hGH-D, -M or -P and VIP Cream can help you erect your urethral/vaginal spongy tissues out, resulting in narrowing your vagina. For women after 30 or having a vaginal nervous damage due to childbirth, chronic masturbation with vibrators or chronic fisting, it requires a combination of VIP Cream with one of the ViaPal-hGH package. The VIP Cream work on the surface and subsurface nerves and the Viapal-hGH packages help rejuvenate the brain and nervous functions to power the sensory-parasympathetic nervous circuits to trigger the erectile mechanism of the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues.

Applying the VIP Cream to your clitoris and vagina (G-spot) will relax your vaginal office instantly for a wonderful feeling of penetration, and after a full penetration, you will feel your vagina wrap his penis tightly.

He should take Viapal-hGH-M (3-014) or -E (3-011) to drop his blood pressure.
ViaPal-hGH-M will normalize his blood pressure via the serotonin-melatonin effects on the production of hGH (human Growth Hormone) and the parasympathetic arterial dilation (also the penile erectile) mechanism - the acetylcholine-Nitric Oxide and -Prostaglandin E-1 pathway. Here, 5-HTP will reduce the production of stress neurohormone adronalin in the rear brain and the adrenal medulla during the day via the 5-HTP - serotonin conversion, and increase the melatonin level by the serotonin-melatonin conversion in the pineal gland for a deep sleep that triggers the hGH production.. 

ViaPal-hGH-E contains 5-HTP and GABA which can help stabilize the blood pressure by knocking down the production of adrenalin in the adrenal medulla and suppress the sympathetic fire and kidney rennin-release mechanism.
High-blood pressure patients should also take Arginine 1000 mg 3 times a day, Fish Oil 1000 mg after a meal, and CoQ-10 100 mg a day.
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Verdina Tea

VIP Cream
5-HTP (Serotonin)
Kava Plus Ginseng 4X+

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