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Case Study -  Excessive sexual orgasm, excessive histamine release, rear-brain and neck pain, orgasmic nasal congestion, allergic responses, and dark eye circles.
Reader1: 7/5/2002> 
when evr i make love , after it , i feel pain in the back side of neck and my nostrills get block for the passage of air , and it feel like tension headache
pls help me its runing my life !!!

Dr. Lin: 7/7/2002>1. The rear-brain and neck-back pains are explained in
ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) can help you out,
Use a low dose of this product since you are young.

2. Nostril blockage (nasal congestion) is due to excessive production of the neurotransmitter histamine upon orgasm. The histamine release is essential for orgasm.
Orgasm produces a large amount of histamine from it precursor histidine, an amino acid. Histamine is a vasodilator and acts with Prostaglandins E-2 and I-2, to cause the early swelling, redness, skin hypersensitivity,  and heat of an inflammatory response if it attaches to a special receptor on the cells' surface. There are two kinds of histamine receptors, H1 and H2. When H1 receives histamine, it produce some allergic (hypersensitive reactions) symptoms such as pulsating, whole-head pains with a sense of great pressure or bursting within the head, palpitations (low blood pressure, and fast, irregular heart beat), skin sensation (itching and burning sensation), respiratory problems (nasal congestion, sneezing, and asthmatic attack), watering or itchy eyes, stomach and small intestine pain and cramp, and anxiety and agitation like the body being on fire. If your nose and eye lips have a lot of H1 receptors, frequent orgasm can trigger the temporary nasal congestion and produce permanent dark eye circles. Note that a chronic sleeping disorder or deficiency will produce dark eye circles too.
Orgasm-induced stress or/and sleeping deficiency generally causes the body to produce excessive stress neurohormone adrenalin, resulting in constriction of blood vessels for trapping histamine in the certain spots of the tissues. Then, an  excessive binding of histamine triggers the allergic responses. If you have a hard erection, you may experience the extreme sensation of your glans penis when you achieve orgasm. This is also why the clitoris becomes too sensitive to touch after women achieve their orgasm. The trapping of histamine in the clitoris and glans penis make the local nerves become hypersensitive - allergic!
The binding of Histamine into the H1 receptors causes the problems.
Although H2 receptors acts as a negative feedback loop to turn the allergic response off, the excessive binding of histamine in the H2 receptors that exists in the heart, stomach, nose and eyes will produce a serials of symptoms such as fast heart beat, excessive digestive acid, red and edema in the nose and eyes, and drowsy slumber. 
The distribution of the histamine receptors are very genetic, but the amount of the histamine release is food-or nutrition- dependent. Some foods contains a high level of the histamine precursor histidine, glutamine and Vitamin B3 (niacin), which can increase the synthesis of histamine in the body.
You can solve the nasal congestion problem by using nasal spray prior to have sex.  Nasal spay can locally and temporarily block the H1 receptors in the nose.
Don't take antihistamine drugs (allergic medicine, the H1 blocker).  Elevation of the antihistamine in the bloodstream can cause your impotency if your erection is weak. If you have a hard erection, antihistamine can delay your orgasm,  but weaken your erection as well.  A chronic use of antihistamine will make you become impotent earlier. 
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