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Case Study -  Hysterectomy and sexual orgasm - solutions
Reader1: 7/1/2002> 
I had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago. My ovaries are still in. When my husband and I make love, I cannot achieve orgasm and If I do it takes a long long time. Is this normal and what can I do about it? My doctor cannot seem to give me the answers I need

Dr. Lin: 7/4/2002>The hysterectomy has removed your nervous fibers (autorhythmic fibers) between the cervix and bladder, which are formed as the orgasmic pacemaker or orgasmic triggering spot the Epicenter as shown in
Besides, a large scale orgasm relies on the nerves and contractile fibers spreading over the entire uterus.
If your cervix is removed, your won't have the cervix-brain nervous connection to trigger a large scale production of the orgasmic hormone oxytocin by your pituitary. A small scale nervous action on the brain/pituitary for oxytocin can be generated by the vagus (parasympathetic) and L-1/-2 (sympathetic) nervous circuits to the clitoris/pubis, and S-2/-3/-4 parasympathetic nervous circuits (Pudenetal and Dorsal nerves of clitoris and Pelvic Splanchnic Nerves of vagina). These parasympathetic nerves are still powerful enough to erect your clitoris and G-spot to signal the brain for the oxytocin production and triggers the L-1/L-2 circuits for orgasm. Thus, You can have a small scale orgasm which relies on the contractile fibers in the clitoral/vagina/urethral spongy tissues and the nerves in the pubis, clitoris and G-spot.
First, make sure that your clitoris and G-spot (labia) are erecting or swelling.
Secondly, the clitoris and G-spot nerves become extremely sensitive.
If you can not erect and sensitize your clitoris and G-spot, your sexual nervous circuits lack of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
Acetylcholine is responsible for nervous signal transmission and its downstream 2nd neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide for swelling of the Clitoris/G-spot/vaginal/urethral spongy tissues and the labia. The swelling of the sex organs will signal the pituitary for production of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin.
If you fall to swell your sex organs or to produce sufficient Oxytocin for the initiation of the vaginal orgasmic contraction, you need ViaPal-hGH-P (1-010) or -M (3-014) to help you out.
Here , the acetylcholine and testosterone will sensitize the nerves ending and improve the nervous signal transmission between the brain and sex organs; dopamine and testosterone will increase the production of oxytocin and inhibit the production of the orgasmic inhibitor prolactin; Serotonin can reduce the sexual stress and block the dopamine-adrenalin (stress neurohormone) conversion to keep the dopamine level high in the brain.
If you have the orgasmic conditions in your body, you should have a rhythmic, high-speed and high-pressure stimulation on the first 1-3 inches of your urethral nerves, that is the G-spot zone, and the clitoris at the same time. Deep penetration and stimulation in the your deep vaginal ending may not be helpful unless you still retain your cervix. Our suggestive stimulation speed and pressure are given in
The intensified stimulation will let the sensory nervous circuits deliver a sequenece of high-voltage temporarily- and spatially- superimposed signals to the brain control center which switches the nervous function from the parasympathetic to the sympathetic 'Fight" - the orgasmic response. If you can not erect or swell your sex organs or your brain doesn't have enough testosterone and dopamine to let the pituitary produce a boost of oxytocin, your nervous function will be switched to the sympathic 'Flight' - the erection withdraw and vaginal dryness - followed by a painful intercourse and a psychological frustration.
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