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Case Study -  On female ejaculation and sexual orgasm.
Reader1: 6/19/2002> 
I just have a question about masturbation. When I do it with a vibarator, I usually hold it on my clitoris, right before I orgasm I release a liquidy substance. It is quite a lot. Enough to soak through a towel folded four to five times. I was just wondering what that was and if it is normal. It doesn't have an unusual smell and I don't notice any color difference, it is almost like water. I know that it is not urine because it doesn't smell like it and it comes from my vaginal opening. Thanks for your time.


Dr. Lin: 6/20/2002>This is called female ejaculation.
If it comes from the vagina, there is nothing to be concerned. We call it the vaginal female ejaculation.
It can come from the urethra too, termed the urethral female ejaculation. If the urethral female ejaculation occurs without orgasmic contraction, the urethral female ejaculation maybe result from the sexual-stress incontinency due to over-stimulation of the urethral and bladder parasympathetic nerves that control the urinary continence. If the urethral female ejaculation fluid is clear and does not contain urine, there is nothing to worry.
Sometimes, orgasmic contraction can induce stress incontinency that produces urinary leakage from the bladder. as a form of the urethral female ejaculation with urinary smell. So, our main concern is the urethral female ejaculation associated with the sex-induced stress incontinency.

Glade to hear from you about your vaginal ejaculation via the clitoral stimulation. However, please be advised that a chronic use of vibrator may damage the sensory and parasympathetic nerves in the clitoris, urethra and bladder , produce scar tissues on the clitoris, cause the death of the clitoris and G-spot, and result in urinary incontinence. Please read some articles listed in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/vibrator.htm  and http://www.actionlove.com/extra/incontin.htm 

The female ejaculation was believed to be from the so-called urethral glands and Skene's ducts, where the Skene's duct, located inside the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, can have orifices in the urethra or the vagina. This is some women have the urethral female ejaculation and other the vaginal female ejaculation.
We believe that the fluid is stored in the "degenerated seminal vesicles" between the bladder and vagina/cervix/uterus.
That is, the urethral glands and Skene's ducts basically are the "degenerated seminal vesicles." The major fluid storage ducts are located around the Epicenter between the bladder and cervix, but the outlets are in the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/engorge.jpg . In the male body, the seminal vesicles, located behind the bladder and the prostate, as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg , store semen and other fluids, where semen are mainly produced by the prostate gland in the male body. In the female body, there is no seminal production glands, but the fluid supplies are still there. The degenerated seminal vesicles spread over all the tissues between between the bladder and vagina/cervix/uterus. They can have more voluminal capacity than the male seminal vesicles. To produce female ejaculation, the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues must be erected and engorged during sexual stimulation, so that the "degenerated seminal vesicles" can be inflated to for the filling of fluids. 
Women generally ejaculate the fluid upon orgasm. However, most of lovemaking couples are not aware of the vaginal ejaculation with the penis inside the vagina, but they can find the penis, labia, clitoral shaft and pubic hair being soaked by the vaginal ejaculation fluid if the men can make their partner achieve orgasm first without ejaculating. We have observed the vaginal female ejaculation with this practice and the Finger Pliers Method. With the Finger Pliers method, the man can observe the female ejaculation clearly when his female partner achieves orgasm.
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