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Case Study -  He said 'MOODMAX has really helped me in dealing with my prostatitis and its been only 2 weeks and i feel a big difference already.'; On the Natural Penil Enlargement - the Ballooning Method again.
Reader1: 6/13/2002> Dr. Lin, 
could you e-mail me with a step by step instruction on how to enlarge my penis.Don't quite understand the illustration. And by the way, MOODMAX has really helped me in dealing with my prostatitis and its been only 2 weeks and i feel a big difference already.I believe in 2-3 months i'll be fully cured from my prostatitis using MOODMAX.

Reader2: 6/15/2002>
Hey Dr. Lin. I came across your site and I'm very interested in trying the ballooing method to increase the visible size of my penis. I was wondering if you had a detailed description of exactly how to do this ballooning method for free on your website as well as information about how to release the hormones needed to promote ballooning. If it is, may i have the link. If it is not offered for free on your site, is it available on your cd, Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms(CD_ROM Version for Windows 95 and above)? Thank you for your time

Dr. Lin: 6/16/2002> (Note - Generally, your penile size varies with your hGH/DHEA/testosterone/DHT levels, your acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions and your stress neurohormone level or the sympathetic nervous functions). The ballooning method relies on a high HGH/DHEA/androstenedione level and the parasympathetic nervous functions for the relaxation and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) production to increase the stretching ability of the penile spongy tissues (balloons), and a burst of the testosterone-DHT conversion inside the penile spongy tissues to produce the ballooning effects, in conjunction with a longer-term (30-60 minutes) penile/scrotum/testicular/pubic/groins stimulation but avoiding the urethral stimulation. Note that any drugs or medication blocking the testosterone-DHT conversion will shrink the penis. You need DHT for penile ballooning but don't want the DHT binding into the hair rooting cells and prostate hormone receptors to causes hair loss and prostate enlargement. But, how to handle the conflict of interest in your body between your penis and prostate/hair? The resolution is taking MoodMax with the other supplements which can boost your hormone and neurochemical levels, ie. the Viapal-hGH packages ( please read the articles in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/prostat.htm , http://www.actionlove.com/extra/hairloss.htm and http://www.actionlove.com/extra/eyefloater.htm.)  
To boost the blood flow into the penis, the penile arteries must be dilated to a maximum under the parasympathetic erectile mechanism - the acetylcholine => Nitric Oxide => cGMP pathway, and the sympathetic erectile mechanism - reducing the stress hormone (adrenalin) production and letting the adrenalin act on the sympathetic beta receptors by blocking the alpha receptors, so that the cardiovascular output can pump out enough blood flow to the penis and create a high pressure difference between the penile input arteries and the outflow (returning) veins to seal up the returning veins as tightly as possible. When the differential pressure between the penile arteries and veins reach a level that is enough for the penile hidden section to expand against the compression pressure produced by the groins, the penis will pop out 1 or 2 inches from your body. Some readers claimed they get 3 inches more after practicing the ballooning method for a while. I believe their claims since the external penile shaft can be expanded in length and width too if the penile spongy tissues become very elastic due to a high level of the elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1 and the super-stimulating hormone DHT produced locally and due to a powerful cardiovascular system that pumps out a high-volume and highly-pressurized blood flow to expand the penis to an extreme. 

Thus, the essential condition for penile ballooning (the word "enlargement" is a mislead one) are the spontaneous and prolonging erections which occurs during the male puberty. The spontaneous and prolonging erection indicate that your have enough hGH/DHEA/androstenedione (for both testosterone and estrogen conversion) for a continuous Prostaglandin E-1 production and a continuous testosterone-DHT conversion without overheating the prostate for premature ejaculation, and that your brain and nervous functions (the acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous systems) fully support your sexual functions for a hard erection and holding back ejaculation without producing a burst of sexual stress during lovemaking or ballooning practices. A powerful cardiovascular output is required too.

The first step is to learn how to last longer and hold ejaculation back 3-5 times in a love or massage session. The practices of the ballooning method are of free-form, but highly rely on the prolonging erection. You can alternately stimulate (massage) the penile shaft/footing/base, pubis, groins and scrotum to increase the blood flow to the glans penis and the testosterone burning inside the penile spongy tissues but you have to hold your ejaculation back. Here, the penile massage means "no stimulation on the urethra nerves." You must let your penile spongy tissues soak in the hGH-, DHT- and PGE-1-enriched blood bath for longer than 30 minutes in every practices, so that the penile spongy tissues (thus the entire penile shaft!) become flexible and elastic enough for expanding and stretching. My penile ballooning method uses the cardiovascular output to balloon the penis up. In this way, you won't experience any mechanical damage, but your cardiovascular capacity will limit your ballooning penis size. Some customers are very creative, they have combined the ballooning method principles and practices with the so-called Penile Exercises or whatever (for stimulation of the penile erection, that is all!). I am not against them but you have to make sure that your penile tissues have enough hGH/DHT/PGE-1, where hGH is for faster healing after the tissues being stretched or expanded in order to prevent the plastic or fatigue deformation of the elastic tissues, and that you won't stretch the penile tissues beyond its linear elastic limit (toward the tissue fatigue damage and plastic deformation)
The procedures are given in
graph of this documents -
More Information in

The CD-ROM book contains a lot of information on this topics, prolonging sex/erection techniques and energizing the vagina, since a ballooning penis is essential for women to reach a full body (Level-7) orgasm. Our teaching is to use the screwing technique to make sure that the penis is hard enough for ballooning, and then to adopt several high stimulating/impact love-making positions to balloon the penis to 120-140% of the spontaneous erection size (about the same penile size during screwing). Here, a combination of the vaginal stimulation on the penis and the hand penile massage can do a better job than the hand penile massage along since a high-energy vagina may produce an electromagnetic effect on the penile erection via the coupling of the vagina-penis bioelectromagetic transformer through the S1-S5 parasympathetic nervous circuits of the two bodes. A continuous, solo ballooning practice (massaging the penis with VIP Cream but avoiding the urethral stimulation) every morning without ejaculation can help as well, although the morning love screwing is more effective. The massage (masturbation? what is the difference? - No stimulation on the urethra) session for penile ballooning is to emulate the vaginal stimulation on the penis.
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