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Case Study -  He said ' I had solved my prostatitis with moodmax...'; how to correctly practice sexual chikong and anal breathing for prolonging sex and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/29/2002>
I had solved my prostatitis with moodmax and my uretra is almost a 100%. Now I am trying to use your breathing methods as I bought your cd-rom.
My questions are:
When you use your tailbone and you have a hard penis do you feel something in the uretra or it is because I am doing it to hard. When I try to stop the urine flow for exercise I put pressure to my lower abdomen by breathing and then I contract my anus but I can only stop the urine flow doing it a little bit hard. I don[t know if I am doing the right thing.
Also when my penis is not extremely hard it seems like the breathing accelerates the orgasm.
Thank you for your answers.

Dr. Lin: 5/31/2002>it seems you contracted the prostate (PC) muscles when you did the sexual ChiKong/Breathing exercises. 
If you contract the prostate (PC) muscles, testosterone in the prostate (PC) muscles will be turned into the superhormone dihydrotestosterone(DHT) that stimulates the inflation of the prostate and the bulbourethral glands, leading to ejaculation urgency and excessive production of precum (by the bulbourethral glands).
PC exercises help develop the testosterone and DHT receptors that trap testosterone and DHT to over-heat and swell the prostate and bulbourethral glands.  Thus, PC Exercises make men and women come more quickly;  For men, PC exercises promote premature ejaculation.
Obviously,  you have gotten used to the prostate (PC) muscle exercises that train the prostate nervous reflection circuits to respond the penile stimulation for such a long time. It will take 3-6 months to re-train the anal/tailbone nervous reflection circuits to take over the prostate nervous reflection circuits. You have a long way to go. 

When you practice the anal breathing too hard, you will contract the prostate muscles, instead of the anal/tailbone muscles.  It is very difficult to isolate the Prostate/PC muscles from the anal/tailbone muscles when you contract too hard.
For the beginners, exert and hold a light pressure on your bladder to expand your prostate muscle, arch your low back backward to compress your tailbone, and then slowly, periodically squeeze your butts against your anus and tailbone to synchronize a sequence of step-wise (digitally) inhaling. You will put your attention to your tailbone, like you want to wag your tailbone. When you get used to this practice, you will feel a sequence of heat flow generated in your tail bone and run up along your spine to your rear brain; your prostate is in 100% relaxation. 

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