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Case Study -  Excessive testosterone binding in the prostate, male anal sex, prostatitis, urethritis, serotonin deficiency, and the brain instability for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/29/2002>
The Male Prostate... Testosterone... Seminal Fluid Buildup causing pain and anger...?

I am a 27 year old heterosexual male; I have been researching websites and talking to bi and gay men on the internet. Why Bi and Gay men? because Talking to a straight guy about the prostate and anal stimulation as you could imagine, you would probably get a better reply from walking into an AA meeting with a bottle of scotch. 

Ever since I hit puberty, I started having strange sensations in my prostate when I would get erect. I then started to desire prostate stimulation at around the age 12. As you could guess, I developed some sexuality confusion problems from it due to the taboo that society puts on anal play etc: as the years progressed this continued to worsen. By the time I hit my 20's the pressures became extremely intense, at the age 23, I started to get severe prostate swelling and I developed cases of non bacterial prostatitis, after thousands of dollars on medical bills, tests ran, I tested negative for cancer and other possible tumors. 

The Urologists and ER doctors told me to massage my prostate, which I pretended I knew nothing what he was talking about because I was far too confused to admit that I was already doing that. I have been with a couple guys but I was purely a receiver, I didn't have to give anything back, I did try to , but I couldn't , it wasn't my way of life or my desires. I have tried to force myself to like guys since I developed this sexual identity problem from this excessive testosterone or whatever is wrong. 

Many of the guys I talk to say " Dude you're a goldmine " but this pressure is horrible at times , It has been so bad I have even considered taking a shot of Depo-Provera "chemical castration that kills testosterone " , ok maybe that is far fetched, I'm not that crazy yet! My wife started using toys and things on me anally and it helps tremendously with the pressures, but it sadly returns, many people say "Dude you just need to get off more!" But I do!! All the time, and when I stop it seems to get worse. Sometimes it takes me 4-5 orgasms in order to go to sleep; I average up to 30 times / week sometimes. :( I started drinking more, and fear of becoming an alcoholic, but that's a totally different topic itself. 

If I was an unfaithful husband, I could simply risk ending the marriage and it damaging the kids by finding some help on the side, but I love my wife, I truly feel we are soul mates, the self releasing so frequently is getting bothersome. I have researched many aspects, nymphomania? , well I don't crave sex, I simply crave to get rid of the pressure, the pressure is overwhelming me. I really don't want to resort to medications to lower my sex drive but I may have to. 

I don't know what to do. I'm trying to find a handle somewhere, this anger inside is tearing me up, as well as others around me. 

With Sincere Honesty and Openness, 

Dr. Lin: 5/31/2002>Yes! Excessive testosterone and thus DHT in the prostate hormone receptors causes over-production of seminal fluid by the prostate, the over-inflation (over-swelling) of the prostate and its adjacent tissues resulting in the so-called pelvic congestion and ejaculation urgency, and over-production of pre-cum by the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands resulting in premature ejaculation during sex.
This problem leads to over-masturbation or over-ejaculation, or even male anal sex for the prostate stimulation. The excessive direct stimulation of the prostate, particularly with vibrators, can damage the prostate nerves and abrade the prostate and urethral ducts, resulting in urethritis and prostatitis. We have a lot of customers having the similar situations like yours. The worst situation is a result of combinating excessive testosterone/DHT/adrenalin with a deficiency of serotonin to modulate the sexual anxiety and stress (pressure).
You have to detoxify your prostate tissues, to cleanse hormone receptors, and to prevent excessive DHT binding to the prostate and its adjacent receptors, and increase your sertonin level in the brain and nervous systems. MoodMax (1-014) and 5-HTP (2-001) can help you out. You should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and soy protein, that is, let the plant hormones to take care of your prostate hormone receptors.
At the same time, stop eating red meat and cheese.
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