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Case Study -  He said ' i feel much happier my moodhas improved and im sleeping like a dream.' with MoodMax and ViaGrowth-IV; Solutions for premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/15/2002>
dear doc received your moodmax and viagrowth IV great products i feel much happier my mood has improved and im sleeping like a dream.im stilling waiting for 5HTP u said u were going to send on 8th of may i hope there is no problem with our customs?my question was how long will it take to solve my premature ejaculation problem i only started taking your supplements three days ago, but i do feel great.if i order your androbolic formula the prohormone one will u change the label for customs.also to will the supplements above make me have a harder erection,my erection is at 3 oclock at the moment ive cutback to ejaculation to seven times aweek or should i cut back even more. you do a great job regards 

Dr. Lin: 5/16/2002>Thank you.
Yes! We sent 5-HTP on May 9, 2002 since there were too many Australian Mails on May 8, 2002. You will get 5-HTP since there is no problem for 5-HTP (Griffonia Seed Extract) to pass the Australian custom inspection. If the package is selected for custom inspection, it will take few more days to reach you. 
5-HTP is a power boost for the serotonin nervous functions to regulate the sympathetic orgasmic or ejaculation nervous circuits. It also help reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and sympathetic fight or flight actions during the day, and promote deep sleeping for the parasympathetic nervous system to recharge the internal organs for healing and restoration during the night. That is, how ViaPal-hGH-M helps men and women to rejuvenate the brain and nervous functions for health and sexual functions. 
Androbolic cannot pass the Australian Custom if it is selected for inspection. We can not change the label of this product since this is not manufactured by our California or Oregon factory.
You have to cut back your ejaculation frequency to once every other day, before you can regain 100% ejaculation control. Why? The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), the prostate enlargement or inflammatory index, won't return to the normal 24 hours after ejaculating. In addition, your frequent ejaculation have never given your prostate a chance to heal abrasion of its damaged nerves and ejaculation duct. The high PSA value, a low serotonin nervous modulation of the sympathetic nerves, the abraded ejaculation duct and prostate nerves, a weak erection due to the weak parasympathetic nervous function and/or due to the excessive stress hormone acting on the alpha-2 receptors of the penile arteries, and the improper training of the pelvic nervous response to sexual stimulation via over-masturbation (sexual reflexion of the prostate nerves) cause premature ejaculation.
Your premature ejaculation is a result of over-ejaculation since you ask me about "cutback to ejaculation to seven times a week or should i cut back even more." Over-ejaculation has burned out your serotonin nervous functions, elevated your daily PSA level, and abraded your prostate. Maintaining a high PSA level or/and the sympathetic nervous Flight action  creates a high pressure in the prostate for ejaculation urgency during sex. 
ViaPal-hGH-M can help you to solve most of the causes, but you have to give your prostate a break to heal and to drop the PSA level and to shift sexual reflexion from the prostate nerves to the tailbone and low-back nerves. ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax are to boost your erection power, to relax and heal your prostate, to drop your PSA, and to reduce your anxiety. 5-HTP is for the rejuvenation of serotonin nervous functions, one the key factors for ejaculation control. 5-HTP can modulate the sympathetic nervous function in reducing the production of pre-ejaculation fluid (precum) in the bulbourethral glands. Then, all you need give your prostate a break for healing by cutting down your ejaculation frequency to once every other day, and you will be fine in about a week. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9484.htm 
After the prostate healing, you can ejaculate 3-5 times a week without exhausting yourself at your age of 33. However, I suggest you to limit to 4 times a week due to your current prostate nervous abrasion.
By the way, don't forget re-training of your sexual reflexion by shifting it from your prostate to your tailbone and low back. How to do it? Here we go again for the Sexual ChiKong Breathing in the following articles:
1. How to separate the tailbone muscle from the PC muscle for prolonging sex and sexual orgasm - the trick of Dr. Lin's Sexual ChiKong Breathing 
2. Sexual ChiKong Technique for prolonging intercourse and sexual orgasm 
3. Jing-Chi (testosterone-bioelectricity) Translation and 4-point Excitation Method for her super Level-7 sexual orgasm and benefiting both sexes. 
4. Neurophysiological Explanation of Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for multiple sexual orgasms and ejaculation control 
5. He said 'I Have tried your ejaculation control method and I am making
love everyday, each time lasting about 40-55 mins. ...but my wife feels tired from too
many orgasms ' - solution for too many sexual orgasm (s) 
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