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News updated:

Case Study -  He said 'My hair falling problem is almost solved and ... better erection' with LastLonger for sexual orgasm; On Hair ReGrowth and Prostate restoration. 
Reader: 5/08/2002>
Dear, Dr. Lin,

Thank you sooooooooooo much that I
am feeling better after taking your medicine and
advice. My hair falling problem is almost solved and
I am having better erection. Now I am just waitting
for the full recovery. And still I have some
questions to you.

1) Is there any does and donts while taking
Last longer? 

2) As soon as I came to know about the
terrible side effects of over masturbation I started
to maintain a regularity so strictly. It has been
almost four months I just ejaculate once per week. My
question is, do I have to ejaculate more ( like twice
or thrice per week ) while taking medicine?

3) As per your advice I am taking extra saw
palmetto (600 mg ) and grape seed extract (100 mg )
for regrowing my hair. I take two pills of saw
palmetto twice per day and one pill( actually four
pills of 25 mg ) of grape seed extract twice per day
while taking last longer. I mix gingseng with one
glass of water and take mood max tablet with it. Am I
doing the right thing?

4) Sometimes I feel so horny, but I became too
afraid to ejaculate. Is it okay to masturbate without

5) I am getting morning erection and it's quite
good . But sometimes when I get excited I cannot
sustain my erection more than one or two munites
without touching. Although it comes spontaneously. 
How long a normal erection should be sustained ? Will
it be improved while having sex?

6) Can I eat any kind of food including raw

7) How long it may take to fully regrow my hair
and get fully recovered ?

Thank you once again.

Dr. Lin: 5/09/2002>1. LastLonger is a neutral, balanced formula. 
You take high proteins and a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits with it.
2. You can try once every other day. With LastLonger, your Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) will remain extreme low after your ejaculation.
3. You are doing right. To regrow your hair, you have to improve the blood circulation in your head skin and hair rooting cells. Heating or warming up the thin hair rooting skin at least twice a day can help you regrow your hair.
4. Yes! if you can stand the sexual urgency.
5. It depends on your stress level and how your parasympathetic nervous systems get recharged by hGH, DHEA and testosterone during your deep night sleep. It is normal for young men  (or old men like myself) to have 2-15 minute spontaneous erection without stimulation in the morning. You are about in the normal range. With a continuous stimulation on the penis, your erection can sustain for about 30-60 minutes unless you ejaculate. 
6. Yes! There is no restriction for your food intake, but I suggest you to have balance meals every day.
7. If you also use the heating and warming treatment to increase the blood circulation under the hair rooting cells, you may see a lot improvement in 3-4 months.
To remove the superhormone DHT from the hair rooting cells and the prostate, it requires a good blood circulation in the local and its adjacent tissues. The local blood circulation plays the key role in regrowing hair and shrinking the enlarged prostate.  MoodMax does improve the trick on the hair and prostate by dilating the arteries and capillaries, in addition to detoxify the DHT receptors in the hair rooting cells and prostate. That is how LastLonger help you stop hair loss and shrink your prostate for spontaneous erection and lasting longer. Any extra improvement in blood circulation for the hair rooting cells is always welcome since the hair skin is just too thin to get enough blood flow.  The poor blood circulation in the top of the head trap too much DHT upper there.

Reader: 5/09/2002>
Dear, dr. Lin,

Thank you for your advice. You asked me
to Heat or warm up the thin hair rooting skin for
regrowing my hair. But I am not sure about the way I
can do it.

1) Could you please tell me the best way
to heat or warm up my thin hair rooting skin?

2) Is combing and taking shower with hot
water okay?

3) I usually take a lot of meat, fishes,
eggs,rice, milk, yogurt, nuts and fruits. Should it
be enough? Or I have to add something special?

4) For the best result when should I take
the medicine? After meal or before meal ?

5) Is there anything wrong with delaying to
take the medicine sometimes?

6) For the best result must I ejaculate
every other day? 

7) Is there anything wrong with less
masturbation like once per week or once per each two

8) To improve my blood circulation I do some
excercise like standing and seating down quickly, keep
my legs up with head down and touching the floor with
hands, sleeping without pillow..etc. Do u think that
it may help me out?

9) I became sunken-eyed when I was a boy
arround 18 years old and my forhead changes to high
although before they were quite normal and fine. 
Spectacle has been my all time friends since my age of
17. I got simple myopia and now I wear -200 glasses.
My question to you, is there any relation between this
problem and masturbation since I have been
maturbating from the age of 12 ? If it is so then is
it possible to get recovered with last longer? Or do
I have to take other remedies?

Thank you very much

Dr. Lin: 5/10/2002>
1. IR heater comb, hot hair blower, hair shower...
By the way, VIP Cream can improve the blood circulation as we know. we may start to test if VIP Cream with heating treatment of head skin can stimulate hair re-growth. 
2. Yes!
3. Yes! Sea foods (including sea weeds), egg (limiting 1 or 2 a day), nuts, green vegetables, and fruits are good for hair.
4. Our dietay supplements can produce instantaneously effective in an empty or semi-empty stomach,
To avoid upsetting your stomach, don't overload your empty stomach.
5. No problem. Our products are nutrients, no drugs.
6. Try ejaculating once every other day. If you feel exhuasted, do it once every 2 days.
7. A healthy young man of age 18-27 can ejaculate once a day by lovemaking or once every other day by masturbation. The neuro-endocrine responses to ejaculation by lovemaking are completely different from that by masturbation. Hourly Lovemaking can heat up the over-all neuro-endocrine systems to boost hormonal production for balancing the mind and body, while masturbation tends to do release of sexual urgency only, followed by depression. 
8. I don't think exercises with standing and seating down quickly can help. Your muscles tissues can need blood circulation to get sufficient neuro-nutrients and hormones to produce the elastic hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) for muscular and nervous stretching. When you do aerobic-type exercises, your tissues can not get sufficient neuro-nutrients and hormones faster enough to produce sufficient PGE-1, and you will end up with muscular or joint damage and tissue fatigue. That is why before you start a violent exercise, you must do a muscular warm-up exercise. The slow motion exercises such as Tai-Chi and Yoga allow the tissues and nerves to be replenished with sufficient PGE-1. 
Sleeping without a pillar can be a problem for your spine and neck when you sleep sideway. That won't help improve blood circulation either.
9. Eyesight is partially gene-related and health-related. I can not make sure that your problem is mainly caused by over-masturbation which can produce blur vision and dilated pupils. However, this factor can not be excluded. Neuro-nutrients for neurotransmitters and anti-stress, and antioxidants such as Lutein, Vitamins E/C and B-Complex can help improve vision.
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