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Case Study -  He said ' feel great improvement." for his youth impotency with ViaGrowth-IV, Moodmax, and VIP Cream, and 'very slowly showing improvement.' for his bad 30-degree penile curvature.
Reader: 5/04/2002>
Dear almighty wise love Dr.
Thanx to the military Im stuck on an Island somewhere for a few months, 
which helps me to heal my body with less distractions. Im taking 1 pill of 
moodmax and viagrowth4 daily to heal my youth impotency, and use vip cream twice a day to help with the downward curve I have. My concern is Im taking the pills for erection ,but Im also massaging with the cream which is like masturbating. However I "DONT" ejaculate and havent been for the last two months due to my healing, and feel great improvement. my penis has a bad 30 degree curve so I slightly bend up while massaging which is very slowly showing improvement. Is anything Im doing to heal myself incorrect or wrong or do you have any comments or concerns to help. I have a very strong mind and know I'll heal, and only regret not knowing about this before I destroyed myselfed because I wouldve never let it get this far.Im young, attractive, and feel cursed because of my problem by actually avoiding sexual action.Thank you for everything Dr. and please enjoy your vacation, Im utilizing mine.

Dr. Lin: 5/05/2002>Glad to hear your continuous improvement of your situations.
Impotency is much easier to solve than the penile curvature.
Impotency can be recovered within few weeks, but it will take few months to see some improvement of the penile curvature. To improve the penile curvature, it requires softening the penile scars (the broken spongy tissues that are the broken blood balloons! ) and reactivation of the broken balloons for regaining of the capacity of blood filling and storing, in addition to rejuvenate the parasympathetic neuro-arterial endings in the penile capillaries. It is like repair of interconnected air balloons.
The repair process is extremely complicated and slow.
Generally, it will take 6-12 months to soften and dissolve scars in the regular muscular tissues. Frequent massage with VIP Cream, in conjunction with taking ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax will stimulate a natural production of the relaxation and elastic hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) around/in the scars and solve the scars for the restoration of capillaries and nervous endings. To increase the effectiveness and penetration of VIP Cream, wrap your penis with a warm towel (100-110 degrees F) for 5-10 minutes after massaging. Heating or warming can increase the PGE-1 production too. This combination of treatments can double the effectiveness of dissolving the scars. 
You are heading for the right direction of healing and restoration. If you apply the masturbation-type massage to your penis, you must change your hand now. Generally, the right- (left-) hand masturbation produces a left- (right-) bent penis. 
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