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Case Study - Finger Pliers method, Vaginal and penile size, prostaglandin E-1, penetration/intercourse pains and sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/29/2002>
Hi Doc how's it going, i love your info between girlfriends right now so no training oppurtunitys as of yet, do you give seminars and or personal consultations VERY interested in the finger plier etc. I am more of a hands on learner. Got a question about penis and vagina size, I'm 6' by 6' and Penis is rock hard and points Up almost straight, I want to learn how to open up a woman better sometime she has some pain other times no problem even with a small woman Very small (indonesian) all positions climaxed and climaxed and climaxed, other times a little pain How to solve use Finger plier? does race matter in relation to vagina size or if i love them right and open them up i can make love to any woman in virtually all positions Thanks for the info doc.

Dr. Lin: 4/30/2002>Women's vagina may not take a long penis if it strike the cervix all the time during sex, unless the penis can get into the pleasure center - the Epicenter ( http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg  , http://www.actionlove.com/image/g-spot.jpg  , http://www.actionlove.com/image/attack.jpg  , http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-24.jpg  , or http://actionlove.com/image/3-point.jpg  )
However, there should be no problem for a tight vagina to take a wide penis since the vagina can deliver a 4-inch wide baby without difficulty.  But, if the tissues of a tight vaginal orifice produces insufficient relaxation and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1, the vaginal orifice will experience penetration (compression) pain and be irritated by tissue abrasion regardless of the presence of sufficient vaginal lubrication - natural or artificial.  
The intercourse or penetration pains are discussed in this article -
Most of the intercourse or penetration pains can be solved by taking MoodMax, ViaGowth-IV, or the ViaPal-hGH packages to increase the production of the relaxation and elastic hormone Prostaglandin E-1 in the tissues of the vaginal orifice and wall.

If the pain is caused by the striking of the long penis, the deep penetration or thrusting should be avoided unless the vagina/uterus has been tented up and the penis is hard enough to lock into the Epicenter. A prolapsed or titled Uterus will shorten the vagina and also dislocate the penile-vaginal stimulation location off the Epicenter, resulting in pains or cramps. The prolapsed or titled uterus can be repositioned back by our ViaPal-hGH packages if the problem is a result of the weakening/weakened uterine-support ligaments due to ageing, childbearing, birth control pills/implant/shot, or medication/street drugs.  The titled or prolapsed uterus, drugs and the progesterone-based (progestin) birth controls are the main sources of penetration/intercourse and post-orgasmic pain or cramp.  Our ViaPal-hGH Package are very effectively to deal with these problems by increasing the synthesis of Prostaglandin E-1 in the clitoral, labia, vaginal/urethral and cervical/uterine  tissues

I don't think your 6" x 6" (1.91 inches wide) penis causes her pains due to penile oversizing. If her vagina is tenting up, it will be about 4-6 inches deep unless her uterus is prolapsed or tilted. The Epicenter will be about 5-7" deep for the average women with a normal uterine position. The Epicenter fibers are very flexible and can be compressed to one more inch deeper without pain. That is, a 6" hard penis is a perfect love tool for most of vaginal sizes. The length of her middle finger plus her palm size is the about the depth of her tenting vagina; the size of her mouth can tell you what size of the penile girth her vagina orifice can take very comfortably without a muscular expansion pressure, regardless of the race but aging which causes the general vaginal shrinkage (including the pubis shrinkage) and prolapsed  or titles the uterus,  but  widens the vaginal air passage (gap) by shrinking the vagina-wall spongy tissues. Even if there is an expansion pressure against her vaginal orifice by the penis during lovemaking, she can get more pleasure out of it if her vaginal tissues produces sufficient relaxation and elastic hormone Prostaglandin E-1. Otherwise, if there is a deficiency of Prostaglandin E-1 in the tissues of the labia minors and the vaginal orifice, external stimulation, vaginal penetration or love thrusting will abrade and irritate the local tissues, resulting in pain, regardless of the penile size. 

The Finger Pliers method has been taught in the CD-ROM book in detail. The Finger Pliers method can trigger shallower or deeper orgasm depending on the stimulation points, either the clitoris/G-spot or clitoris/Epicenter, or even the most powerful 3-point simultaneous excitation on the clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter as described in these articles -
This is the most unique and powerful method to produce Supper Level-7 orgasm at your finger tips. 
Any penis and vibrators can not beat this method.
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