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Case Study - Cholesterol, liver functions, diabetes, drugs, health, erection, and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 4/21/2002>
I have problems with penile erection. These problem started two years ago.I have been with diabetes for 3 years and I am taking 2 pills of glucofage twice a day. Also I take half pill a day of zocor to keep my cholesterol low. My last cholesterol reading was 140. I take one lopid pill twice a day to keep my triglecerides low. My last triglecerides reading was 180. Also I take one aspirin pill a day to prevent heart attack, although there is no certainty I had one. My cholesterol at my age 48 used to be 220 and my triglecerides about 290. One day in the middle of my jogging around the block I decided to sprint for about one hundred meters. In the middle of the sprint I felt a sharp needle-like pain down my left hand toward my indicator finger. I told my doctor. He decide for me to have the radioactive tallium test. The pictures indicated that my heart and major arteries and vessels were pretty much ok. Only on my back artery there was a small deposit of cholesterol!
. According to the cardiolagist this can be reversed with a proper diet and medication. This is the reson for taking zocor. I wonder how all of this plays or relates to the erectile disfunction. Suddenly a have an erection, but I cannot predict. Sometimes it happens in the morning. I wander if it is a combination of drugs side efects and diabetes. Maybe you can explain. Thanks. James.

Dr. Lin: 4/23/2002> First, your high-cholesterol level in the past indicates that your liver won't do its jobs in providing the essential enzymes for the cholesterol-hormone conversion as described in
Each stage of hormone productions requires liver enzymes. Note that a high dose of niacin can increase the cholesterol-hormone conversion  and lower the cholesterol level without drugs. Increasing your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can reduce your cholesterol level, so do exercises.
The conversion of amino acids to neurochemicals requires another kinds of liver enzymes. A lack of hormones and neurochemicals in your organs cause your problems. That is, the liver functions play vital roles in your health.
The situations that cause Diabetes are:  the cells can not allow insulin to enter for burning glucose due to a lack of liver enzymes so that the  high-blood sugar level causes the pancreas to become exhausted in a chronic attempt to producing more insulin, or the over-production of glucose by the liver or/and underproduction of insulin in the pancreas.  a chronic high-blood sugar can  damage the cells and nerves, particularly in the neuro-muscular endings of  the tips in the body, such as finger/toe tips, penis or clitoris.  The solutions for these problems are to power the liver functions, restore the pancreas functions, and rejuvenate the nervous functions and neuro-muscular endings by increasing  the acetylcholine level and the parasympathetic nervous functions that provide healing for the damaged cells and neurons.
Generally, the cholesterol drugs block the cholesterol production by the liver.
That is, the cholesterol drugs interfere the liver functions.
Heart, blood pressure, hair-growth and depression medication drugs generally knock downs the production of certain liver enzymes associated with the conversion of hormones and neurotransmitters from diets.
Particularly, the liver and digestive systems of ageing people gradually lose their efficiency in converting raw proteins from diets into amino acids or neurochemical/hormonal precursors.
As we know, teenagers take a small amount of foods to produce powerful sexual drives and volumetric sperms/semen, but the older people or over-ejaculators/over-masturbators with a weakened parasympathetic nervous functions of the vagus nerves (CN-X) produce nothing and suffer from the deficiency of hormones and neurchemicals even if they load with mega doses of proteins and multiple vitamins/minerals from foods or supplements. The reasons are clear - the body loses its ability to convert the raw foods into hormones and neurotransmitters due to weak parasympathetic (vagus) nervous functions in the digestive system - stomach or small intestine - and in the liver system. The vagus nerves are also branched the lungs, hearts, kidneys, adrenal glans,  pancreas, gallbladder, large intestine and the upper part of the penis/clitoris. The effects of the vagus nerves are very broadly; some get impacts on cardiovascular outputs while others experience problems associated with the liver , kidney, adrenal, pancreas (insulin production)  or lung functions.
For these reasons, I have formulated ViaPal-hGH to help people out. The formulas produce a supercharge for the brain and nervous systems (particularly, with the entire parasympathetic nervous system) without interfering the medication drugs. Our formulas directly re-jump start the brain/nervous, neuro-endocrine, liver, cardiovascular, kidney, and prostate/ovarian functions without going through the digestive conversion of hormones and neurochemicals.
You need ViaPal-hGH-S (3-013) to help you out,
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