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Case Study - Mass destruction due to penile surgery and implant for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 4/21/2002>
Hi Dr. Lin!

I am a young man in his mid twenties, I have a very serious problem that is 
not deadly but it is still very hard to live like this as a man. My problem 
is very complicated so let my try to make you understand the history of it 

1. I was born with a very long penis but it was always bent when erect all 
my life. I never thought of this at all untill I became a teenager and then 
I realised it would be hard to have intercourse with a woman if my penis was that bent(it was a severe downwards bend) .

2. I contacted a urologist and after consultations he suggested that it 
might be the string under the front part of the penis head that need to be 
lenghtened and that it was simple, thus I went ahead. But nothing improved.

3. I contacted another urologist and he suggested a real surgery whereby the middle of the penis is cut open in order for the Dr to straighten the penis. This particular operation involves cutting off a part of the penis and thus shortening it(Nesbit procedure). This surgery was not succesfull so a second similar surgery was done and still nothing improved and the only result was that I now had a shorter penis that was still bent.

4. The urologist now advised that I implant a penile prosthesis and I agreed 
knowing nothing better(I was young 17). Thus the result now is that I have a penile prosthesis inside my penis that is the hard version (malleable rod) 
not the pump. Blood no longer flows in the penis and whether aroused or not the penis is always the same size.

5. Needless to say I am devastated but I continue life hoping for some cure 
to my problems. But I wanted to ask you these questions:

A. Could I by surgery remove the penile implant and try to get erections 
like I used to regularly?

B. would you in such a scenario know how to straighten my penis up, that 
means removing the downwards bent?

C. Do you have any ideas of your own to this problem?

I should perhaps mention that these surgeries were done in Europe and not in the USA where I now live.

Please Dr. Lin help advise me to the best solution, I am a walking dead man so please help me.

Goodbye Dr.LIn and I will be waiting for your advise to my problem!

Dr. Lin: 4/21/2002> I am terrible sorry to hear about your sad story.
Penile surgeries have permanently destroyed the integrity of your penile spongy tissues (the interchained blood balloons) and your penile parasympathetic nerves responsible for dilating the penile arteries and filling the blood balloons.
The destruction is irreversible.
Penile surgery is a mass destruction of the penile spongy tissues and parasympathetic nerves.

Generally, Most of the penile downward curvatures are a result of weak erection which can not straighten it up against the gravitational force. A hard erection can straighten it up unless there is a shape curve between the middle section and glans penis.
Weak erection produces the penile curvature in the lower section of the penis as shown the right picture of
Penile weight-lifting or downward pulling/stretching can damage the penile-suspension muscles and the penile spongy tissues, resulting in the penile shapes as shown in the central and right pictures of penclass.jpg
Also, please read http://actionlove.com/love/psurgery.htm 
Since the integrity of your penile spongy tissues and nerves is gone, you can not erect your penis like an undisturbed one. There is no other option for you except a penile implant. A soft silicon implant can let you feel more natural. 
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