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Case Study - He said ' it is great stuff.' MoodMax lightens up his mind (IQ + EQ) and penis. How about improving your Penile Quotient (PQ) with LatsLonger?
Reader: 4/9/2002>
Hello Sir,
I sent an e-mail a ways back and I never had a response. I am not surprised 
because you are real busy. To recap the last e-mail, all I need to
say is that I am suffering sexual exhaustion because of masturbating way
too much in my past. I started at 15 and did it 1 or 2 times a day for two 
years. I did it less once I turned 18 and even less at 19, mainly because it was not fun anymore. I had weak orgasms and painful ejaculations. Not cool! I had most of the symptoms that you describe and I could not live keep living like this. I thought that I was going crazy and I almost thought of killing myself. I then bought some MoodMax and have taken most of it. I must say that it is great stuff. Now I feel like a new person. I am much happier, less stressed out, feeling more confident, getting harder
erections, getting spontaneous erections before I go to sleep,
sometimes I wake up with them, and I no longer sweat for no reason. 
Now I am feeling much better but I believe I still need to keep healing up.
I have been limiting my ejaculations to 2 times a week. This is just right 
according to your other cases I have read. My penis has had a downward curve for over a year now.
The bottom cylinder does not seem to fill up with blood and it remains soft.
My penis points between 2 and 3 o'clock for the position. I assume this is because  of scar tissues and other damage. Also my erection does not stay in place. I can move it around. I have never had sex so this is not the cause. My question is what else should I do to keep healing it up?
The VIP cream sounds good but there is a problem with that approach. I am in college and privacy is not something I get much of. You can understand that finding enough time to do this every day without being discovered would be tough.
It would not be fun to have to expain to my roommate about that! I would prefer to try the cream only as a last resort.  Just so you know I am massaging my penis everyday to help rejuvenate it faster. Should I get
MoodMax with Ginseng (Lastlonger), MoodMax with Kava Plus (Lovelonger), or ViaGrowth 4? I know Viagrowth 4 seems extreme for my age but would it help heal my entire body up faster because of the full range of hormones?
I believe that this website and your products are an absolute Godsend! You sure know what you are doing! I tell you it must be a conspiracy with the Medical Society.
They must surely know about sexual exhaustion problems. You do! I believe that they advertise that lots of masturbation and lots of sex is good for you. Then when people start getting all these new "problems" they never think it is from sexual exhaustion. They don't even know about it. I never did until now! Then they can get lots of money from selling medicine that usually does more harm then good.
I am not saying all medicine is bad. Anti-biotics, pain killers, sedatives, and 
other stuff definitely have their place. But stuff like anti-depressants is not
really needed. Products like yours are better medicine then many other things out there. If you have the time to respond to this then tell me what you think is best for me.
Sorry to write so much but I just want to give you all the details so you can help me out.

P.S. I told my younger brother about sexual exhaustion (he is 13)
so he can avoid the torment that I have gone through. I hope he listens!

Dr. Lin: 4/11/2002>Sorry for being late in responding your e-mail. Sometimes I was overloaded by e-mails; sometimes the returned e-mail was not correct.
MoodMax is formulated to correct the brain's and nervous functions and cleanse/detoxify the prostate and uterus. Accordingly, it is a "smart drug" which increases both your IQ and EQ. Particularly, LastLonger can boost your academic performance too.
ViaGrowth-IV will feed your brain with a lot of testosterone (and estrone) precursors in addition the neuronutrients and the detoxification ingredients. ViaGrowth-IV is very sexually stimulating for young people.
Instead, ViaGrowth-III is more suitable for you at the dosage of 1 tablet a day. At a high dose of ViaGrowth-III, your penis will take over your brain. That is not good for college kids.
To correct your downward penis, you have to power your erection up with LastLonger (and Viagrowth-III, optional) and then massage your penis with VIP cream to soften the erection constraint scars. This is a lower healing process. You don't have much privacy in the dorm and is very inconvenient in massaging your penis with VIP Cream. The only chance you can have is your few-minute toilet time. But, it is still very helpful!

Tell your younger brother, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits or drink a lot of fruit juices to cool down his prostate and reduce the biological action of testosterone and DHT on the prostate, if he wants to control his masturbation habit - lets his brain control his penis.   
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