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Case Study - Solutions for prostatitis / urethritis and the restoration of hard erection for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 4/4/2002>
Dear Newman Lin,

I am now 6 weeks into VIP-cream, ViaGrowth IV and PeniSOS, which you kindly sent on 20 Feb. (I've been alternating P-SOS and VGIV daily - 2 per day). Am getting close to a re-order now, but would like some advice please as to what direction to take.
Four years ago (at age of 55) I had prostatitis. Doc sent me to hospital for tests, where they investigated with endoscopic camera through urethra, massaged the prostate to remove secretion build-up, and took biopsies of prostate and bladder lining.
Nothing untoward was found, but I had bleeding for a couple of weeks, then after a while urine flow became very slow and a spray rather than a stream, and my penis shrunk noticeably
Consultant said I should massage/exercise/stretch my penis to get it back to normal.
It didn't work overall, but urine flow improved - so I stopped. After some months, same thing happened again - so I repeated exercises. Same again - then repeated (for a few weeks each time) at six-monthy intervals over past 4 years.
18 months ago everything began to get worse instead of better. All I had originally was a prostate infection - but now I have all the symptoms you describe: 4 o'clock erection at best, a left-bent penis with concaved mid-left shaft, and semi-retro-ejaculation with balance of semen oozing rather than ejecting.
The VIP-cream is clearly necessary and must be having an effect. PeniSOS makes my toes, face and fingers tingle, but not my penis . Difficult to know what ViaGrowth IV is doing. But overall, after 6 weeks, here's the picture:
My penis is feeling and looking much firmer in the normal flaccid state. Urinary flow is OK, but is slow and not powerful. Erection is actually firmer and a bit larger, but is still at 4 o'clock. Although erection size is much like its old norm, it is firm rather than truly hard, and disappears at the slightest mental distraction.
It looks like it will be a long-term repair process after so long in deterioration (even if not fully repairable). My key interest now is in getting the erection to 2 o'clock at least - and harder. So, my question is What now? Am I on the right track with the present course, or is there something else you recommend?

All the best,

Dr. Lin: 4/6/2002> Yes! you are on the right track to recover. It will take couple months to get recovered.  You have been missing the main prostatitis and urethritis healer - MoodMax in your last order. You should not miss this one in your next order. You have to heal the prostatitis/urethritis and power the erection at the same time. ViaGrowth-IV supplies your brain/nervous systems with DHEA, androstenedione and acetylcholine neurochemicals.  Your body need ViaGrowth-IV to produce hGH (human Growth Hormone) for healing and restoration and your tissues need ViaGrowth-IV to produce relaxation and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) for stretching, bending and erecting.  You will damage your tissues, ligaments, nerves, muscles or joints during exercises when the local tissues produce insufficient PGE-1. Stimulation of PGE-1 production by pre-exercise warm-up may be insufficient if you have deficiency of DHEA, androstenedione and/or neurochemicals. As a result, you will damage your tissues and nerves. Penile enlargement also requires a lot of PGE-1 to assist the extreme expansion of the penile spongy tissues by the ballooning effects.  ViaGrowth-IV does the jobs! ViaGrowth-IV is a synergetic, multi-tasking, multifunctional formula. 
Due to your age, you need a high-power hGH (human Growth Hormone), acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous healing generator ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) and an erectile stimulator DopaFiba (1-016).
Take one tablet from each bottle a day. It is a 60-day supply.
Some examples are given in

You can continuously use the tissue-healing VIP Cream.
ViaGrowth-IV is a hGH/acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous healing power generator with an emphasis of hormone replenishment, with a support of the acetylcholine (high-dose) and serotonin/dopamine (low-dose) precursors; MoodMax emphasizes on the correction of brain's and nervous functions by neuronutrients; 5-HTP is the major power drive of the serotonin nervous functions and the melatonin production by the pineal gland, which, in turn, brings you to a deep sleep for a high-level hGH production; DopaFibra is the main Dopamine nervous driver and erectile stimulator.  The new DopaFibra (4/2002 version) also includes the hGH amino acids.

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