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Case Study - Principle of orgasm mechanism - why Kegel Exercisers can not help you have sexual orgasm!
Reader: 4/1/2002>
Dr. Lin,

I read your site all the time, and I wrote you years ago. Thank you for the info! I want to know exactly what products you'd recommend for my condition, as I get confused reading between all of them:

I am 29 years and 6 months old; I have okay health (working through some bulimia issues) and in fair shape, although I plan on working with a personal trainer soon; I am not orgasmic during sex, although I like the act; when I masturbate with a dildo, I feel my vagina gripping the dildo several times, but no orgasm (I don't feel this during sex with my partner); last time I masturbated and I felt the gripping (no dildo), I felt like I would "fall into" another orgasm, like if I knew how to work my muscles, I could easily come again -- it didn't happen, but I felt like the middle to back area of my vagina was preparing for another orgasm; I own a kegelm?ster, but it feels like it's too much work, although my boyfriend claims he feels a difference; I am trying to hold off on masturbating until I buy the products, but sometimes it's too much! When I do, I stimulate the clitoris slowly, so as to try not to train it to get used to the speed or hardness or my fingers or dildo; an!
d mostly I feel like I could have an orgasm, and I do get wet when excited with foreplay, but I am so tired of faking it during sex. 

Could you recommend the right products for all the reasons above (even to work out with trainer)? I know that I want the VIP Cream, and the Heat tea seems like a good idea, but once we get into the ViaPal info, I'm lost! Thank you!

Dr. Lin: 4/1/2002>It seems you had some degrees of vaginal spasms with the dildo stimulation, but you don't have enough sexual energy to "erupt". The vaginal, sympathetic muscular spasms are due to the training responses of your vaginal muscle to the stimulation by the Kegel exerciser. It seems you worked very hard to force your sympathetic nervous circuits of T10-L2 to create a pseudo-orgasmic spasms in your vaginal muscles. In fact, your parasympathetic nerves of S1-S4 in the sex organs are fully charged with an elevating DC voltage during sexual stimulation, you will have powerful orgasms. 
When there is a deficiency of the neurochemicals associated with acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin syntheses, and a insufficient DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone in the pelvic muscles and tissues, the Kegel exerciser won't help the parasympathetic nervous functions for the erection of the urethral/vaginal (clitoral and G-spot) spongy tissues, where the erection is a measure of the sexual energy storing in the sex organs. If women can not erect the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues (please read http://www.actionlove.com/extra/lovetool.htm  ), they are impotent and can not have orgasm. Under this situation, the best sexual responses to a heavy stimulation is like yours, the weak vaginal spasm which dissipates a little accumulated sexual energy locally. Birth control, drugs, smoking, excessive alcohol or natural ageing, that sink the liver functions, will create the deficiency of the neurochemicals and hormones in the sexual nerves and desensitize the sexual nerves and responses by lowering down (discharging) the resting potential of the sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous circuits. Excessive use of the vibrator will destroy the surface sensory neuro-muscular endings and the deep parasympathetic neuro-arterial endings which are supposed to accumulate sexual energy from stimulation and hormone burning into the energy center Epicenter between the bladder and cervix. Birth control, drugs, smoking, excessive alcohol or natural ageing can prevent the sexual energy building up. The accumulation of the sexual energy in the Epicenter will relay a electric signal to the brain's pituitary for a flooding of the orgasmic hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream for uterine/vaginal contraction and at the same time, the sympathetic circuits' action potential elevates high enough to pace the uterine/vaginal contraction via the Epicenter's autorhythmic fibers (the orgasmic pacemaker, http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg  ) to pump out the major parasympathetic sexual energy to the heart/lungs/forehead via the Contraceptive Vessel of the acupuncture networks ( and also the vagus nerves - parasympathetic) as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/wavepath.jpg 
at a constraction period of 0.8 seconds.
Women who experiences orgasm will have involuntarily heavy breathing, moans and crying at 0.8 seconds for this reason. These orgasmic respones can not be observed in your daily life. The orgasmic waves strike your forebrain pleasure center, you will feel earth movement or black-out as described in
the articles of http://www.actionlove.com/extra/whatsorgasm.htm 

A violent orgasm is called the "little death", 

The minor sexual energy can be spread down into the legs/feet/toes via the Liver, Kidney and Stomach Vessels.
If the stimulation is focused on either side of the G-spot or Epicenter, the major sexual energy can be discharged into the legs/feet/toes, as described in 
while a minor orgamic energy wave can reach the heart and lungs only, to produce 0.8 second heavy breathing. 

Since you didn't disclose your birth control or drug uses, I assume you are under the influence of the birth control pills/implant/shot. I suggest you take Heat Tea (3-001) or ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) to overcome the problem. Viapal-hGH-J is more helpful in restoring the damaged nerves due to MoodMax. Both can overcome the side effect of birth control pills/implant/shot. Some women want to enjoy more orgasms with the high power products such as ViaPal-hGH-P or Viapal-hGH-D. Since you are only 29, you don't need a high power product. Our products can help you to build a stronger muscle in your body anywhere.

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