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Case Study - Examples of Over-masturbation or Over-ejaculation: thin hairs, male baldness,  bloody ejaculation, fuzzy vision, losing memory and mind, and other psychological disorders for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/29/2002>
hi Dr_Lin. i just came across your site, and am fascinated by the number of people who seem to have exactly the same problems as i do. this can't just be coincidental. I'll tell you my story. i'm currently 20 years old, and started masturbating around 14, usually once a day, (and often 2-3 times a day in my earlier years). i still masturbate once a day, sometimes once every 2 days. i've never been addicted to smoking or alchohol, but i understand what it must be like because i can't seem to stop masturbating so frequently. 

anyway, things seemed quite normal up until i was about 18/19, when i noticed my hair going thin, quite rapidly. up until now, i've always had really really thick, good hair, and my parents also have good hair. even my friends started making fun of it. i thought it may have been stress, but i asked by doctor and he said it was just male pattern baldness. but i wasn't convinced firstly because of my young age, and secondly because there was no pattern. what i mean by this is that i am not going bald in the sense that my hairline is retreating (it is intact and fine)... instead, my hair is just going thin ALL OVER. very strange indeed.

now along with this problem have been some other interesting things which of course other people seem to have experienced on this site too. the first thing i am most concerned about, is that i used to do some penis exercises for only a short period. it seemed to be working, but during that time, i had sex with my girlfriend one night.. the lights were off.. and when we finished and switched the lights on, we were both covered in blood. we panicked of course, and i immediately thought that it had come from her. after showering, i realised it was me bleeding. i'd never been so afraid in my life. it was bleeding very badly, and i only managed to stop it after the erection subsided. but if i touched it, it would bleed again, same as if i urinated. i went to the doctors, and they said it was just a ruptured blood vessel, and from then it took about 2/3 days for the bleeding to completely stop. since then, i have noticed that my penis is a little curved, (downwards). i'd ne!
ver noticed it before. i'm not sure whether this was a result of what had happened, or whether it has always been like that and i hadn't noticed. 

these days, i have no trouble getting an erection (in fact, i have trouble getting rid of them half the time.. and every night, i self-consciously develop and erection in my sleep. it seems to last at least half the night, and is very frustrating (i think i sleep badly because of it). also, when i masturbate now, i don't get as much of an orgasm, and much less sperm than i used to. its getting rediculous. sometimes just a couple of drops, and an orgasm for 2-3 seconds. i've tried to cut back on my masturbation frequency (since i have a strong suspicion that's why this is all happening).. but after 2 days, i feel, if you like, .. withdrawal symptoms, and have to do it. then i feel guilty about it and wish i hadn't done it.

lastly, i have noticed more and more lately that i am losing memory and concentration. i did an exam yesterday at uni, and couldn't even absorb the words on the page (i had a total mind blank), i just couldn't think straight. this is so unusual as i know i am a very smart guy. its not fair whats happening to me. and yes, i have bad vision (wear glasses).. but even with glasses, my vision still seems fuzzy, it makes me feel like i'm not fully conscious or really alive. its so frustrating.

i really want to do something to set all this right. is it possible to undo these problems at my age if i just stop masturbating so often (and will that help my hair to grow back). i understand you have lots of products to help people, and i appreciate that, though, at this stage (and my young age), i'm don't really want to have to use products (i hope you understand). still, i'd really appreciate any help you could provide. i'm getting quite depressed. i used to be very good looking and confident, now i'm afraid to even approach girls. i'd really like to fix the problem naturally; and basically would like some assurance that stopping masturbation can cure these problems.


Dr. Lin: 3/31/2002>You have burned down your acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin  nervous systems as described in
The brain's stability is the key to the road of success, where EQ outweights IQ.

Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation has produced excessive DHT that unfortunately burned out your hair rooting cells, perhaps enlarged your prostate, and caused over-expansion or rupture of the arteries or capillaries in your urethra and prostate with a severe deficiency of the elastic/relaxation hormone prostaglandin E-1 due to a lack of neurochemicals in the local tissues and blood vessels.

You won't get your situations recovered "naturally." There is no free lunch in this regard. Your acetylcholine/parasympathetic bioelectric battery has been severely discharged, so that it won't hold healing power or help regenerate much healing for your problems. Perhaps, some nervous circuits have been outraged. 
You can use a weak or dead battery to ignite an engine/charge system to recharge the battery. You have to clean up the electrodes and circuits and refill the electrolytes with neuronutrients and then give your engine/charge system a jump start!
It is very expensive to fix your problems.

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