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Case Study - On Peri-manopause pains;  the Psychological and physiological Impacts of Hysterectomy on women are beyond sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/21/2002>
I'm 50 years old and prefer to take natural, alternative measures for my health but because I am having such heavy and painful periods, leaving me exhausted  from the loss of blood, I am considering a hysterectomy. My first concern is of course finding a trustworthy surgeon, but then my second thought is to keep my cervix, in order to be able to have vaginal orgasm after the hysterectomy. I don't want to settle for a clitoris orgasm, having known the pleassure of a deep "vaginal orgasm". No cancer has been mentioned by my current doctors and of  course if that were the case then keeping my cervix would not even be a question.
But, absent a medical/health reason for removing the cervix, am I correct in 
feeling that vaginal orgasm would be lost if I allow them to take my cervix? 
Thank you. 

Dr. Lin: 3/23/2002> You have started to experience the menopause transition pain, particularly in the Luteal Phase of your menstrual cycle, from your ovulation to the beginning of your period. This is the same as PMS for young women.
Hysterectomy will bring you over the transition due removing the uterine loading from the pelvic muscles and ligaments, but your orgasm will not be the same. Generally it becomes very weak or disappeared for orgasmic women, although it may help non-orgasmic women feel better.
The uterus is a hormone buffer storage that stabilizes the hormone supply for the brain via the blood circulation system.
Hysterectomy changes women's life and emotion overnight. The most critical part is the emotion change due to a lack of stable hormonal supply to smooth out the hormonal variation in the brain. One of younger sisters had a partial hysterectomy due to uterine and ovarian tumors. After she was recovered, she became another person to her kids who feels the most impact of her partial hysterectomy. Fortunately, we give her our ViaPal-hGH products to restore her brain's functions and personality. 
After surgery, you will have no powerful uterine contraction for orgasm. If the Cervix is removed, the situation could be worsened. The cervix has concentrated nervous endings and can help the pituitary two emotional-related hormones oxytocin and beta-endorphins. These two hormones change your feeling and emotional relationship with others. Furthermore, there is a spot called the Epicenter between the cervix and bladder (as described in http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.htm  ), which directly links the brain's pleasure center via the long vagus nerves from the neck via the front central body. We consider the Epicenter is the female prostate in term of sexual/orgasmic functions. Removing the cervix will likely destroy this invisible vital spot and its link to the brain. 
Our ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) or ViaPal-hGH-M (3-010) is formulated to help women (men too!) to smoothly sail through the midlife transition.

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