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Welcome to the Orgasm & BrainWash Engineering Center where "BrainWash" is defined as an alternation of gene and enzyme expression in your 3 brains - the head, gut and pelvic cavity. 

Orgasm Research Center established in 1997, starting from LinPlaza.com.
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History of Orgasm Research Center

I was born and raised in a central Taiwan's mountain farm where I learned my first lesson of sex associated with animal and plant propagation, as I explained in http://www.actionlove.com/love/animal.htm . The curiosity motivated me to collect sexual experiments and experiences and to study the brain and nervous excitation of sexual orgasm associated with health and psychiatric and physiological disorders as described in the 5000-year old Chinese sexual bible "Suu-Nei-Ching 素女經" (or Sexual Bible of Plain Girl) .  As for sexual pleasures, based upon  my Ph.D. study on nonlinear wave excitation and my thesis entitled "Excitation of Edge Waves" in 1982, I treated the nervous response system as a quantum well or harmonic resonator (for example, microwave resonant cavity)  with semi-conductor signal couplers and amplifiers, known as nervous synapses.  In fact, I discovered the 3-point excitation principle of sexual orgasm  in 1974 even before I gained knowledge on nonlinear wave mechanics, and  I developed a special love position for 3-point excitation  in 1977.   Thereby,   I could compile  all the information and principles into my CD-ROM book "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling" in 1997.  On the other hand, my low back pains during 1988-1993 promoted me to further study  stress- induced psychiatric and physiological disorders, in addition to the excessive-sex-induced problems as documented in Suu-Nei-Ching. The nightmare of low back pains also gave a chance to explore the cupping-massage induced endorphin and blood-flow de-congestion solution for body pains, cramps and numbness. Technically, vacuum cupping massage is a combination of the classical Chinese cupping and massage. I consider it is the most effect method to de-congest the poor blood circulation as a result of stress-elicited arterial and venous constriction.  

I was inspired by Ezra Cornell, the founder of Cornell University, and Hunter S. Rawlings, III, the former president of Cornell University. In the fall of 1998,  I escorted my daughter to Cornel University for her undergraduate study.  I had a chance to become one of the audience of President Rawling in his freshman welcome address, he encouraged students to listen and to follow their minds to purse their studies and careers.  Besides, I learned that Ezra Cornell considered any subjects or fields can be studied scientifically and taught academically.  Therefore, pornography can be studied and taught too if we treat it academically and scientifically. After I came back from my trip, I decided to follow my mind to study sex and stress,  to change my career, and to give up my engineering professional.  Thus, Orgasm Research Center was born.   

Initially, Orgasm Research Center was operated under my engineering consulting company "Applied Science and Engineering Research, Inc." established in 1986 when I was a faculty of  Florida Atlantic University.  In 1999, I decided to focus on health research and product development, I established a new company "Lin Institute, Inc", dba "The Lin Institute",  to take over the business.  Since then, I have documented cases and statistically grouped symptoms associated with self sexual abuse, drug abuse and excessive stress.  After more ten years studies and collection, The Lin Institute has become a pioneer research center on these unusual subjects.

Welcome on board! Have yourself sit comfortable in front of your computer,  and read our documents, case by case, for your free self education. Although you won't get an academic degree after you graduate from The Lin Institute, I am sure you will become healthier and enjoy life more; or, I should say, live longer, love longer, and last longer




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