On the vaginal vacuum suction effect on a fully-erecting (ballooning) penis

On the vaginal vacuum suction effect on a fully-erecting (ballooning) penis

Reader- 3/30/2017: 

Hello Dr. Lin!

I hope that this e-mail finds you, your wife and loved ones in wonderful health! I have read your excellent CD book and there are some questions it brings to mind that I would like to ask you:

QUESTION 1) You mention a Taoist position called “Eagle Soars Over Dark Waters”, but I don’t quite visualize it from the writing, and I have searched the Internet to see if there are other descriptions or illustrations of the position, but haven’t found any related information. Could you please provide some more details on this particular position and its benefits?

QUESTION 2) Many people discuss the suction force that can occur within the vagina during intercourse, but none seem to understand exactly how it is triggered as well as you do and as you thoroughly explain in your writing! What I want to clarify from reading through your many different explanations is what I understand so far:

The basic requirements to trigger a powerful vaginal suction force require:

  1. A) First make sure the G-spot has been properly erected to its maximum potential
  2. B) Begin the stimulation of the Epicenter point, which is along the same side of the vaginal wall as the G-spot but found further up within a pocket that is formed between the protrusion of the bladder within the vaginal space and the cervix
  3. C) Throughout performing A + B be sure to keep the stimulation of the clitoral region to a minimum to avoid triggering a clitoral-only orgasm that can shut down the stimulation of the deeper orgasm mechanisms within the female body…using only the approximate pressure of 6 PSI to stimulate the clitoris
  4. D) Use a penile thrusting speed of 2.5 thrusts per second (or 150 thrusts per minute) for approximately 100 to 300 thrusts to generate the right Resonant Wave Energy for the higher level orgasms

My question is whether or not this basic outline is correct, and if so does that mean that the successful stimulation of an Epicenter orgasm this way can consistently and reliably cause the powerful vaginal suction force you have written about?

I thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide in answering these questions, and thanks again for your tremendously effective herbal products!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                       J.C

Dr. Lin’s Answers -03/31/2017:

1. “Eagle Soars Over Dark Waters” is also known as” A Big Bird Soars Over a Dark Ocean” You are the big bird or eagle while her body is a dark water (or ocean.) This is deep stimulation of the vagus nerve around the vaginal ending, bladder , uterus and and cervix for the glans penis stimulation on the anterior fornix ; or around the vaginal ending, small/large intestine, upper rectum, uterus and cervix for for the glans penis stimulation on the posterior fornix.

2. The vaginal suction force is a natural vacuum suction inside the end pockets of the vaginal ending, known as “Epicenter” or “The Center of the Lotus Flow”,  and Min Men as shown below.  During the sexual excitement reaches the peak point, the vaginal erectile tissues fully expand and wrap up the penile shaft while the vaginal lubricant air-tightens the entire vaginal canal. When you try to move your penis out, the air-tightening vaginal ending pockets produce a vacuum suction force that let you feel your glans being sucked up. 

Yes, your outline is correct. The G-spot erection indicates the vaginal smooth muscle is erecting.
Yes, you have to massage her G-spot with your penis or finger to induce the vaginal blood flow to inflate the vaginal smooth muscle and, at the same time,  to stimulate the natural lubricant release. When the G-spot is protruding (erecting), you can have a deep penetration to stimulate the vagus nerve deep inside her pelvic cavity.
Then, you can turn to a high speed stimulation at about 120-150 strokes per minute (2-2.5 HZ)  to help her break her orgasmic barrier.
Orgasm with vagus nervous stimulation in the “Epicenter” is known as “little death” which is very violent; and women can pass out for few seconds but feel suddenly, fully releasing and freely flying.

Reader- 3/31/2017

Hello Dr. Lin!

Thank you so much for your prompt and thoroughly detailed response! You answered my questions and helped me to better understand the incredible amounts of valuable information on your educational CD!

Another couple of questions occurred to me by looking at the photos attached to your response:

3) Is it possible to achieve the higher Hertz frequency thrusting rates without the benefit/assistance of bed springs? What types of exercises or stretches can a man practice to know he is moving fast enough to generate the ideal Hertz rate (without any measuring equipment) in situations where he and the female partner are not on a spring mattress and he is solely responsible for the speed of thrusting being achieved? Or is there a simple way men can measure their speed at home, without any sophisticated equipment?

4) On the idea of Hertz, I remember that you have mentioned that once a woman breaks her orgasmic barrier, the sexual stimulation rate must have the same rate as her uterus contractions, otherwise her body will stop orgasming after the first 2 or 3 orgasmic cycles and not attain the higher number of Multiple Orgasms possible. Does this mean that the male partner should adjust his thrusting speed frequency to match the intra-vaginal contraction rate he feels on his penis, so that he avoid generating excessive stimulatory energy that might shut down her Multiple Orgasms…or do you mean something else when you say the stimulation rate should be the same as the uterus contractions?

Once again I appreciate you sharing your vast and unique knowledge on these subjects and wish you a wonderful evening!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                        J.C

Dr. Lin- 3/31/2017:

3. Yes, it is called “Double-Body Motion” where she thrusts against your penile pumping. The relative motion between 2 bodies can help you achieve a high-frequency stimulation. You can find it in the video clips.

The other way is to train yourself with a high frequency pushup exercise in the so-called cobra position in Yoga. In this position, your head and shoulders/hands remain steady (less or no movement), and your pubic bone performs pumping exercises with a high frequency thrust.  You can do 100-125 times in about 1 minute. This thrusting can fire you up immediately.  I do the regular pushup nude exercises 3 times a day.  After I practice the pushup exercises followed by my Aquila Qigong exercises in the early morning lower temperature at 40 ℉ (or 4.44 ℃), I can stay naked for 2-3 hours in the cold air. I burns about 300 Kcal in the 45 minute Qigong exercises.  My body continues producing heat to beat the cold for 2-3 hours. If you perform the cobra pubic thrusts to achieve the 100-125 strokes per minutes, please make sure that the bedroom temperature should be below 75℉.

The next method is to use my 3-point excitation love position. Let her swing her pubis/clitoris over your pubic bone with your palms to push her butts forward against your pubic bone. You can find the lovemaking action in the video clips too. This is the best way to deeply blend of the vagus nerve in the Epicenter or Ming Man.

3. Yes, once she erupts to orgasm, you can slow down the thrusting stroke to a gentle cycle of about 1.25 cycle per second to synchronize her uterine contraction.  I mean, the high-frequency thrusting strokes is for breaking the orgasmic barrier which peaks up the central dopamine nervous action for the pituitary oxytocin release and then trigger the abrupt hypothalamic dopamine-norepinephrine conversion . Once orgasm is triggered, the continuous penis-vagina/cervix vagus stimulation produces a damping oscillation of the dopamine nervous action on the pituitary gland and results in the alternation of the pituitary oxytocin and prolactin release.

If she can have sufficient L-Dopa in the dopamine nervous terminals and sufficient testosterone and DHT in the pituitary androgen receptors, her dopamine nervous action will continue acting on the pituitary glands for more than 20 cycles (orgasms) with a very slow damping effect.