High-frequency sex results in premature ejaculation and impotency

Warning (Another lesson of sexual exhaustion symptom): High-frequency sex results in premature ejaculation and impotency . If your penis goes limp inside her vagina, the vaginal fluid with a high level of prostaglandin-E2 will be sucked into your urethra and prostate to sensitize the internal nerves for instantaneous ejaculation. You must avoid this nervous chemical stimulation.

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Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 14:01:10

Age: 38

Country: germany

Problems: Dear Dr.Lin,

Seven years ago I was your customer dealing with PE, having for 6 months ViaPal-hGH-J and PinealTonin. All went really good, pills together with anal breathing kept me for 30 minutes of clean sex, easily. My partner had 2-3 easy orgasms for warming up and almost every time the 3 point big bang in the end. 🙂
About one year ago I have started having multiple partners beside my wife, having sex almost daily. At some point I used also some erection pills, became tricky to power it up every day but my brain was and still is asking for more. Not watching porn or any other visual stimulants.
All together, brought my PE back that now I have to go second time ejaculating also, which makes the things even worse. For now I don’t have any signs of sexual exhaustion.

Bottom line: can you please recommend something for PE and for general sexual condition as for someone of 38 years old?
Currently I have 3 partners that I intend to keep and have sex second day, at least. 🙂

Thank you and looking forward to your answer.

Answer from Dr. Lin:
You got sexual exhaustion symptoms, as described in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/ses.htm

High-frequency ejaculation causes the excessive-norepinphrine-induced prostaglandin E2 synthesis in the seminal vesicles and prostate, and weak erection due to arterial constriction by the excessive prolactin level in blood stream, as well as the inflammation and abrasion of the prostate ejaculation duct and the urethra. The chemically and mechanically damaged prostate and urethra become very sensitive to the prostaglandin E2 encriched pre-ejaculation fluid and the vaginal fluid (which also contains a high level of prostaglandin E2 for the sperm survival and fertility.)

You have to reduce your ejaculation frequency to once every 2-3 days to give your prostate a break, and your brain’s dopamine nervous system must get fully recharged and recovered before another run of sex.

You can take the same products, ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) and PinealTonin (2-002), with Omega-3 Fish Oil (2-005) and Vitamins D(2-004) and E, for recovery –

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Lotus Siiting-3Point Excitation

The 3-point Excitation Position for Big-bang orgasm! The inter-body Qi Circulation can be done by the vagus nervous stimulation between the glans and
cervix/Epicenter, and between the male pubis and female pubis/cliroris; with the mutual deep toungue
peneration kissing that activates the hypoglossal nerve CN-XII and the trigeminal nerve CN-V.

Incorporation of the Kunderlini Yoga Root Chakra firing circuit into Aquila Anal-Breathing, Vagus-Nerve-Stimulation (VNS) QiGong (天鷹牛郎迷走功)

Incorporation of the Kundalini Yoga Root Chakra firing circuit into Aquila Anal-Breathing, Vagus-Nerve-Stimulation (VNS) QiGong (天鷹牛郎迷走功) 

Traditionally, Qigong focuses on the stimulation of the vagus nerve around the bladder (pelvic cavity) and the low section of the intestines inside the low abdominal cavity; Anal Breathing is to use the gluteus muscle (contraction against the sacral/tailbone nerve (parasympathetic) to counteract the sympathetic nervous response to sexual stimulation, and to  interfere with the prostate-L1/L2 ejaculation control circuit in the lumbar spine, where the horse-stance posture pre-stresses the L1/L2 sensory nerves in the pubis, pelvic floor and thighs.

Since you pre-stretch the PC and pelvic floor muscle ( it is like a pre-stressed bridge) in the horse-instance posture, sinking your butts more is to stress it more, Therefore,  all you need is let the muscles return to their original tension/stress in the house-stance posture when you move your butts upward. To stimulate the tailbone nerves (S1-S5 and Co), contract the glutes muscle against the anal/tailbone muscle, as a principle of the anal breathing qigong.

The Kundalini Yoga wants you to contract the PC/pelvic floor muscle to fire up the Root Chakra. Since the horse-stance posture pre-stresses (pre-stretches) the PC/pelvic floor muscle, we have found that under a wide-open horse stance, contracting the PC/pelvic floor muscles won’t squeeze the prostate and seminal vesicles. This allows the Kundalini Yoga’s Root Chakra firing stimulation to be incorporated into the movements.

You have to perform about 500 squat exercises twice a day.

Aquila Qigong squat exercises allow you to stretch the pelvic floor muscle while sinking your butts downward with exerting a light pressure toward your bladder (low DanTian),
When you move your butts or upperbody upward, you can contract your entire pelvic floor muscles and gluteus muscles against your tailbone.
There are many Aquali Qigong movements in the video which can incorporate the anal breathing, beside the Swimming Frog Squat. https://youtu.be/Id7tGe-kR5g
They are
3. Swimming Frog Squat
5. Penguin Squat
8. Cowboy Cyclic Lassoing
9. Cowgirl Wild Ride
10. Garuda Pray
11. Hugging a Bear
16. Horse Rearing
17. Duck Tornado Dance
19. Gibbon Swing
20. Giraffe Plucking
21. Freedom Flight
22. Volcano Qi Eruption