Squirt Orgasm vs. Rolling Eye Orgasm

Squirt Orgasm vs. Rolling Eye Orgasm

Reader question on 6/29/2017:

Hi Dr. Lin, Which one is better, Squirt orgasm or Rolling Eye orgasm? Based on the answer above, what’s top 5 best position to make it happen (Let’s say foreplay are already very good)? Thankyou…

Dr. Lin’s Answer on 6/30/2017:

Depends if squirt orgasm discharges urine from the urethral tract.  If the female ejaculation is urine, it is a urethral nervous stress incontinence; if not, it is OK.  Ejaculating hot fluid from the urethra or vagina  will give women orgasmic sensation.  Orgasm or not, depends on the brain’s dopamine nervous discharge that stimulates the pituitary oxytocin and prolactin release in the dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary axis.  Squirt orgasm is usually induced by the clitoral or/and G-spot stimulation via the sympathetic nervous stimulation with a minor vagus nerve response (the vagus fiber terminated at the glans clitoris.)

Generally, the uterus and vaginal (and urethral) smoothing muscles (spongy tissues) store body fluid.  During sexual arousal, a large amount of body fluid flows to the uterine and vaginal smooth muscle. For women who have small lymphatic vessels (the fluid storage duct system) to store fluid, clitoral and G-spot stimulation can over-pressurize the duct system to ejaculate, even without an orgasm.  C-section turn some of the uterine smooth muscle into collagen scar,  let the uterus lost the capacity to store the body fluid, and redirect more fluid into the vagina-urethral smooth muscles.  During sexual arousal, the pituitary gland releases oxytocin to open and dilate the lymphatic ducts and the arteries in the undamaged parts of the uterus to overload the damaged uterus for female ejaculationfrom the uterus into the vagina.

Actually, any limitation of the uterine fluid storage will result in overloading the duct system in the vagina-urethral smooth muscle for squirting from the urethra or vagina during sexual arousal, even without orgasm. No all squirting is a result of orgasmic contraction. Squirting by overloading the lymphatic duct system is like an explosive urination forced by an overfilled bladder.  Have you ever experienced with an overfilled bladder before? You should get a urinary urgency from that.

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Rolling Eye orgasm is better and known as “Little Death orgasm,” but it requires deep vaginal/cervix vagus nerve stimulation (the Root Chakra stimulation for kundalini energy, or the low DanDien stimulation in Taoism Qi theory. ) The Low Dantien’s tissue is smooth muscle and its nerve consists of the vagus (parasympathetic) and sympathetic fiber. Your need at a 6-inch penis (at least) with a solid erection to reach the deep vaginal ending (I called Epicenter for the Low DanDien) where the vagina/cervix/uterus/bladder’s vagus nerve are convergent together. As long as you can reach this point and stimulate it, it doesn’t matter which love positions. A penis longer than 8 inches long will allow the glans penis to be locked or sucked up by the deep vaginal ending smooth muscle in any love positions to achieve vagus nerve stimulation from Low DanTien; otherwise, the 3-point excitation love position (or the lotus-sitting position with the female horizontal thrusting movement ) with a 6-7 inch vaginal penetration is the only way to stimulate the vagus nerve in raising the Kundalini energy (Qi) from the Root Chakra.  http://www.actionlove.com/WordPress/2015/02/17/electrifying-orgasm/ 

The low DanTian (the Center of the Lotus Flower) is about 6 inches from the vaginal orifice.

Lotus Siiting-3Point Excitation

The inter-body Qi Circulation can be done by the vagus nervous stimulation between the glans and
cervix/Epicenter, and between the male pubis and female pubis/cliroris; with the mutual deep tongue
penetration kissing that activates the hypoglossal nerve CN-XII and the trigeminal nerve CN-V.