Aquila Anal Breathing, VNS Qigong energized his body all day long and gave him a deep night sleep

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On 4/7/2016 6:56 AM, hxxxxx axxxx wrote:

Hello, Lin. I am so thankful to you for putting such powerful information out for free. I have only done your exercises once and I have been sleeping properly and feeling energetic all day.

I have one confusion though. When you breathe into the pelivs, does your anus sphincter muscle push out?



Dr. Lin’s Answer:

You don’t have to do anything on your anus sphincter muscle until your contract your gluteus muscle when bending your upper body backward.
Here is my answer to other reader in :

The simple way to force the Qi into your genitals or pelvic cavity is: with horse-riding stance, inhale with the low abdominal – pelvic expansion, bend your upper body forward so that your shoulder and head are below the pelvic area (or the Low DanTian); then further lower your horse-riding stance to stretch the pelvic floor muscle to an extreme (Qi will sink into the pelvic floor and testicles); at this moment,  compress the PC muscle as as hard as your can to direct Qi across the anus and to enter the tailbone; finally, raise your upper body and return your torso vertically back to the original horse-riding stance position;  followed by pushing your pelvic forward, bending your upper body backward, and at the same time, contracting  your gluteus muscles against your tailbone to force Qi to raise up along the spine while slowly and gradually raising up from your horse-riding stance. Some Aquila Qigong movements in just use this approach to circulate QI and to generate nervous pulses in the vagus and autonomic neurons in the pelvic cavity.

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