Aquila Anal-Breathing, Vagus-Nerve-Stimulation (VNS) QiGong (天鷹牛郎迷走功) Version 2.0

Aquila Anal-Breathing, Vagus-Nerve-Stimulation (VNS) QiGong
Version 2.0
Newman Kunti Lin, Ph.D., PE.
Copyright © 2016

Aquila Qigong is to emulate animal
movements for stimulating the central
nervous system via the pelvic
vagus and sacral parasympathetic
neurons with a minor stimulation
on the sympathetic nervous system.
It fires up the bioelectric energy
from the bottom (the pelvic cavity
and floor), also known as the
Kundalini Root Chakra.

Dr.Lin’s Aquila Anal-Breathing,Vagus-
Nerve-Stimulation(VNS)Qigong begins
with following love story:

In an oriental legend, Aquila’s Altair (the
Cowboy 牛郎) and Lyra’s Vega (the
Weaver Girl 織 女) had been madly
in love since the beginning of the
heaven; and, finally, their true love
had convinced the God of the Heaven
to allow them to get married as human
beings on the earth.

The God asked Aquila, the eagle, to carry
them down to the earth along the Milky Way
in the evening of July 7 (in the lunar
calender) so that they could enjoy love
and passion forever. The God also turned
the Milky Way into the dragon which actually
helped Aquila instruct the love couple to
initiate and to strengthen their reproduction
function with the cycling stretching exercises
of the pelvic floor bones and muscles by
emulating the animal movements.

These exercises were formulated to boost
the bioelectric nervous activity (known
as “Qi” ) and the blood circulation in
the genital area for “love longer” and
“last longer.”
The exercises, having the similar pelvic
movement as the Taoist Qigong such as
Wudang Taiyi Gong(武當太乙功) and
Crouch-step BaguaZhang Gong(蹲伏八卦掌
功), excite the first acupuncture point of
both the Governing Vessel and Conception
Vessel,Cháng Qiáng 長強 (in the midway
between tip of coccyx and anus, requiring
deep stimulation to reach the nerve in the
smooth muscle) and Huì Yīn會陰 (at the
center of the perineum; about 1-2
inches deep to reach the nerve in
the smooth muscle – the same depth
as the female G-spot and male
bulbourethral glands), respectively,
which are also known as the Kundalini
Root Chakra; induce the pelvic blood
flow; generate bioelectricity
via the cycling biomass (bone and
muscle) stretching and contraction
to charge the local nerves; elevate
the androgen hormones and human growth
hormone production in about 30 minutes.
With this practice, the Weaver Girl
becomes a sexual awakening cowgirl.
Here, the bioelectric energy in the Kundalini
Root Chakra is activated by the
parasympathetic and vagus nerve with
a minor sympathetic nervous stimulation
(lumbar L1-L5 and thoracic T10-T12.)
The nervous pathway is from the
pelvic parasympathetic (Sacral S2-S4)
and vagus neurons to the dopamine neuron
in the thalamus-hypothalamus-pituitary axis.
In practice, the pelvic floor muscle and
nerve are pre-stretched with the horse-
stance posture to begin with. Sink the
torso (move the torso vertical downward )
will further expand the pelvic muscle and
pubic bone to allow the cycling muscular
contraction without over-stimulating the
prostate and bulbourethral gland and
inducing leakage of pre-ejaculation or
seminal fluid. To fire up the vagus-
pituitary pathway from the low-abdominal
and pelvic cavity, as Dantian, use the
abdominal-pelvic muscles to inhale while
moving torso downward, and bend the
upper body forward to compress the
abdominal-pelvic cavity. This movement
will exert a pressure on the bladder
and stretch the joint muscle of the
colon and rectum. It is also known
as “sink Qi into Dantian”.

Moving the pelvis forward or/and
bending the upper body backward will
naturally force the gluteus muscle to
contract against the tailbone muscle,
like pushing the tailbone-anal muscle
toward the spine without contracting
the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.
This is known as Anal Breathing.

Rotating the pelvis horizontally or
vertically will produce a powerful
Qi generation and a good blood
circulation from the pelvic cavity.
Aquila Anal Breathing, VNS Qigong
combines pelvic rotation and upper
body bending to maximize the biomass
bioelectricity (Qi) generation and
neuro-and muscular endocrine function.

Outline of Aquila Qigong Movements:

1. Aquila Descending From Galaxy 起式下凡
2. Riding a Swimming Dragon 醍鷹游龍
3. Swimming Frog Squat 蛙泳前伏
4. Monkey Crouch 靈猴伏歩
5. Penguin Squat 企鵝鷹形
6. Aquila-Tiger Transformation 神鷹虎形
7. Leopard in Aquila Shadow 鷹影豹形
8. Cowboy Cyclic Lassoing 牛郎捕牛
9. Cowgirl Wild Ride 織女野騎
10. Garuda Pray 著地祈禱
11. Hugging a Bear 馬歩熊抱
12.. Back kick and Rotation 後踢旋身
13. Peacock Spreading 孔雀散花
14. Eagle Attack 前踢攻擊
15. Eel Attack in Aquila Shadow 鷹引電鰻
16. Horse Rearing 鷹泳立馬
17. Duck Tornado Dance 鴨尾旋風
18. Rotating a Tree 旋身轉樹
19. Gibbon Swing 猿臂後旋
20. Giraffe Plucking 春鹿摘星
21. Freedom Flight 飛鷹在天
22. Volcano Qi Eruption 一氣沖天
23. Return to Galaxy 囘歸天庭