How to Practice Anal Breathing Qigong with PC muscle “contraction” without inducing pre-ejaculation fluid leakage

Student’s Question:

Hello, Dr. Lin. Dr. I want to ask how it feels to apply pressure to the bladder? I haven’t been able to separate my PC muscles and for that I want to know whether I’m applying the pressure to the bladder right. If I want to pee and I apply pressure to the bladder, would it stop my pee?

Dr. Lin’s Answer:
Your scrotum will become loosened and move lower when you sink Qi into your pelvic cavity (against bladder).
Inhale; sink Qi into the pelvic cavity in the horse-riding stance; gradually sink your torso vertically.
Basically, you stretch your pelvic muscle (including the PC muscle, of course)  with the horse-riding stance,  and then you can start periodically contract your PC muscle when you lower down your torso and bend your upper body forward with moving your butts backward to balance your bending horse-riding stance.  Finally, return you upper body upright and backward  to contract your gluteal muscles against your tailbone and anal muscle while moving your pubic/pelvic bone forward.  You can relax your breathing when returning your body to the normal horse-riding stance.
In this way, the PC muscle contraction won’t affect its internal supporting organs such as the prostate and bulbourethral glans.
Release the PC muscle when your torso moves up.
This is the best way to combine both Qigong Anal Breathing and PC muscle “contraction”
You can stop urinary flow by contracting the gluteal muscles against the tailbone/anal muscle even if you apply a pressure to the bladder. Qigong with PC muscle contraction