Aquali Anal Breathing QiGong Induced Erection

Aquila Anal Breathing QiGong Induced Erection and Orgasm, as Qigong Erection and Orgasm. (This article is under editing)

First, give you my readers’ experiences:

Anal Breathing Qigong induces erection

Anal Breathing Qigong induces erection 1

Reader's Experiences on Qigong induced erection

Reader’s Experiences on Qigong induced erection 2 – The Anal Breathing Qigong lifts the testicles up and down with relaxation and contraction of the cremaster muscle, also known as Testicular Breathing, and stretches the symphysis pubis and its adjacent muscles to produce piezoelectricity for electrifying the local vagus nerves; thus, exerts a very powerful vagus, parasympathetic (S2-S4) and sympathetic (L1-L2) nervous stimulation on the testicles and cremaster muscle for a boost of the testicular function; and train a cremaster reflex arc of sympathetic nerves L1-L2 to replace the ejaculation/orgasm reflex arc for ejaculation control.
In the Penile Ballooning (Power-up) of my book “Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms”, my penile enlargement instructions and advices also include the testicular massage and cremaster stretching. for nervous stimulation. In particular, pulling down the testicles couple times can eliminate ejaculation urgency for the 2nd- or 3rd-stage erection during sex or during penile ballooning practices when you feel about to ejaculate.  Anal Breathing Qigong emulates this action without touching the testicles and scrotum!
In fact, Anal Breathing Qigong is for both ejaculation control and penile enlargement practices.

Noticeably, now we have realized the bulbocavernosus( penile/clitoral S2-S4 nerve) <=> sacral reflex arc and the pubis => medulla oblongata => bulbocavernosus(penile/clitoral/uterine) vagus reflex arc are responsible for spontaneous erection during Qigong practice. The principle of the Anal Breathing Qigong for ejaculation control or prolonging sex is based upon the trained cerebellar-tailbone reflex arc where the input sensory nerve can be from the eyes (visual sexual stimulation) , ears (audio sexual stimulation), penis, prostate, seminal vesicles or pelvic floor muscles. This trained reflex arc directs the response motoring efferent to the tailbone, instead of the prostate and the seminal vesicles, to prevent semen emission and ultimate ejaculation. It also activates the sacral => bulbocavernosus reflex arc for more powerful erection via the tailbone and anal muscles contraction.

To maximize the benefits of the following solo QiGong or the Sexual Double-cultivation Qigong practice, you will have to do it for about 30-60 minutes, so that the pelvic organs (the ovaries, the uterus, the cervix, the vagina,  the greater or lesser vestibular glands, Skene’s glands, the urethra, the bladder, the prostate, the seminal vesicles, bulbourethal glands, etc. ) and the testicles and the penis or the clitoris can fully bath in the blood flow and cook sex hormones and semen and natural lubrication.  In other words, Anal Breathing Qigong will pump more blood flow into the pelvic area and sex organs.
When your testicular or ovarian function runs down, exercising your muscles can help. The biggest muscle group in your body is in your bottom line – the gluteus and pelvic floor muscles.  A combination of this muscle group with sex organs forms the most powerful energy (Qi, the nervous electricity) generator of the entire body.  The trick is to pump more blood into this energy center and to perform muscular expansion-contraction (without compression) exercises for the gluteus, the symphysis pubis  and the pelvic floor muscles.
Helpful references:
1. Expression of steroidogenic enzymes and synthesis of sex steroid hormones from DHEA in skeletal muscle of rats –
2. Resistance training restores muscle sex steroid hormone steroidogenesis in older men –
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Classification of Anal Breathing QiGong Based Upon Postures

There are three methods to perform Anal Breathing Qigong:
1. Simple Classical Method (簡易古典肛門呼吸運功行氣法) with any postures for prolonging sex, but requiring to hold a slight pressure against the bladder (or to sink/focus Qi into the pelvic cavity) for avoiding pubococcygeus (PC) muscle compression while periodically contracting/lifting the tailbone-anus muscle (ligament);
2. Horse-Riding Stance Qigong Exercises (大馬歩肛門呼吸運功行氣法) also known as Aquila Anal Breathing Qigong Exercises ((天鷹牛郎迷走神功) for both sexual power and prolonging sex via the dynamic stretching-release cycling of the pelvic floor muscles, symphysis pubis and testicles/scrotum, while performing the periodical contraction of gluteus maximus against the tailbone muscles,  with each pelvic Qi pumping/sinking cycle;
3. Lotus Sitting Microcosmic Orbit Qi Circulation ( (蓮花坐肛門呼吸運功行氣法 – 小週天)  from Focusing Qi (運功) to Reactive Qi (行氣) for prolonging sex via the periodic contraction of the anal and tailbone muscles against the Lotus Sitting pre-expanding or pre-stretching (pre-stressed) of pelvic flood muscles without PC muscle compression.
Noticeably, there are many Lotus Stance postures with variation of the leg positions. A full Lotus Stance is a position of sitting on the floor with legs crossed, where the right (left) foot is put on the left (right) thigh and then put the left (right) foot crossed over the right (left) leg onto the right (left) thigh. This position blocks the floor blood circulation and the nervous transmission in the pelvic floor and butts, fully constrains the butt and pelvic floor muscle, and only allows the low abdominal muscle to have a small expansion-contraction movement and the annal muscle to have a very limit contraction movement. Buddhism monks and nuns use this mediation position to castrate sex organs. Thus, the full lotus position is not good for sex. On the other hand, we use a semi-lotus position (as shown in )  to circulate Qi. This position is to sit on a soft pad to lift the butt and torso about 1-2 inches above the freely crossing legs which don’t overlap each other and  don’t constrain the pelvic floor muscles, the butt muscles (such as the gluteus muscle groups), anus and tailbone muscles. This position allows the torso to move, to incline and to rotate, and of course, the most important key point is to perform Anal Breathing Qigong with expanding the pelvic floor muscles and contracting the gluteus muscles against the anus-tailbone muscle. This position is our Qigong Lotus Stance. Noticeably, after stretching the pelvic floor muscles, you can contract the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle without worrying about compressing the seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral glands.

Hint for transformation of the Horse-riding stance to the meditation Lotus Sitting Position for Qi generation:
You can train your gluteus and tailbone muscles to contract automatically.
It is a trained nervous reflex in the medulla oblongata (vagus nerve)  and cerebellum (somatic) and spinal cord discs L1-L5 (sympathetic), and S1-S5/Co (parasympathetic). Once the nervous reflex training is done, the gluteus muscle contraction against the tailbone will be automatically triggered when you moves your mind focus (somatic nervous control Qi) from the low abdomen/pubis  (low DanTien) to the tailbone (coccyx, 長強 cháng qiáng acupuncture point). Semi-lotus sitting positions stretch the perineum muscles and activate the spinal (somatic and autonomic) nerves, ready for initiation of muscle endocrine function and biomass (bone, muscle, ligament and tender) piezoelectric generation to charge both spinal and vagus nervous system, as Kundalini energy or Chinese “Qi.” All you need is to oscillate  the somatic nervous control Qi from the low DanTien to coccyx.

From Qigong Lotus Stance to Sexual Double-Cultivation Qigong Intercourse  (陰陽調和雙修運功行氣法) with Three-point Excitation Love Position

Lotus Siiting-3Point Excitation

The inter-body Qi Circulation can be done by the vagus nervous stimulation between the glans and cervix/Epicenter, and between the male pubis and female pubis/cliroris; with the mutual deep toungue penetration kissing that activates the hypoglossal nerve CN-XII and the trigeminal nerve CN-V.

The Lotus Sitting position is not useful for sex due to difficulty of moving the male pubis against the clitoris and female pubis, but it is useful for pumping Reactive Qi upward in solo practices via anal/tailbone contraction. Therefore, I modified it with a 5-30 degree inclination of back support to form my 3-point Excitation Love Position for both female orgasm excitation and male ejaculation control. With this lovemaking position, a lovemaking couple can not only circulate their own Qi upward, but also perform inter-Qi circulation across two bodies via the penis/glans, vagina/cervix, symphysis pubis and deep-tongue penetration kissing when they rest in the Lotus Sitting with vaginal penetration. They just simply contract the anus and the vagina at rest. The man can also contract the gluteus maximus against the anus-tailbone muscle and push the pubis up and down to against the woman’s clitoris and pubis to power erection for both sexes.  If both the penis and vagina are very hot, the woman’s periodical vaginal and anal contraction against the hot, hard penis can induce orgasm herself without any movement, as long as the man keeps pumping his hot blood into his penis to maintain a hard erection.  The man should periodically pump Qi into his scrotum and testicles, so that the testicles can get stimulated to release testosterone and DHT by moving up and down the testicles.   In the dynamic Sexual Qigong Intercourse movement, the man can hold a light pressure against the bladder with periodically contracting gluteus maximus against ( or steadily holding the contraction force to uplift or  tighten) his anal-tailbone muscle, as described in the simple classical Qigong,  when the female pubis (and clitoris) swings over his pubis with the anal-vaginal contraction. The inter-body Qi Circulation can be done by the vagus nervous stimulation between the glans and cervix/Epicenter, and  between the male pubis and female pubis/cliroris; with the mutual deep toungue  penetration kissing that activates the hypoglossal nerve CN-XII (; and the trigeminal nerve CN-V (;

Double cultivation of sexual energy for at least 20-30 minutes during lovemaking with the vagus nervous stimulation on the pubis, the clitoris, the Epicenter/cervix, and the glans penis can power erectile function for both sexes, boost the testicular and ovarian function, cook more semen and sex hormones,  and trigger powerful ejaculation and orgasm.  This type of lovemaking is named as Sexual Qigong (ChiKung) intercourse (陰陽調和雙修運功行氣法).

Double Cultivation with Anal Breathing Qigong In Sexual QiGong Intercourse with Lotus Sitting Known as the Three-point Excitation Love Position

Double Cultivation with Anal Breathing Qigong
In Sexual Qigong Intercourse with Lotus Sitting
Known as the Three-point Excitation Love Position

From Classical Anal Breathing to Aquila Anal Breathing Qigong Exercises

The classical Anal Breathing approach, described in, begins with a deep  thoracic inhaling expansion and move the somatic expansion force (Qi) from the thoracic cavity down to the abdominal and pelvic (including testicular) cavities; then hold a light pressure (sinking Qi) inside the pelvic cavity (against the bladder) while contracting the tailbone muscles with each shallow inhaling using the low abdominal/pelvic muscle. Holding a light pressure (ie. holding the Qi) inside the pelvic cavity against the bladder allows us to  contract the anus-tailbone muscles without worrying about the compression of the PC muscle.
The advanced Anal Breathing includes QiGong  exercises (expansion-release cycling) ) of the entire pelvic floor muscles driven by the contraction of the gluteus maximus with the horse-riding stance that loads a pre-stress expansion (instead of compression or contraction)  on the pelvic floor muscles, like a pre-stressed concrete for bridges.  In the Anal Breathing QiGong, we simply release the somatic pre-stressed force (Qi, too) in each breathing cycle, like cars running over a pre-stressed bridge.

My original intention of Anal Breathing is to prolong sex and to achieve ejaculation control. If I use the horse-riding stance, move the symphysis pubis forward, and sink Qi into the pelvic cavity scrotum, and contract the gluteus maximus against the tailbone, I am able to produce the 2nd-stage penile ballooning effects.  The horse-riding stance exerts a stretching tension force on the pelvic floor muscles to avoid compression on the pelvic organs such as the prostate and bulbourethral glands and to allow more blood flow to get into the pelvic organs and muscles. I have found this advanced approach not only prolong sex, but also induce more blood flow into the penis and testicles for the penile ballooning effect.  I have observed the testicles and scrotum  relax and drop down when I sink Qi into the pelvic cavity, scrotum and testicles. When I contract the gluteus maximus against the tailbone muscle, the testicles and scrotum uplift. Thus, in each inhaling cycle, the testicles and scrotum move up and down. In addition, the horse-riding stance and moving or rotating the symphysis pubis with each inhaling cycle produce an expansion-release cycle to induce blood flow into the entire pelvic floor muscles,  as well as activating the vagus, parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves in the pelvic cavity, the penis and the testicles.   The blood flow will be redirected to the penis for erection when the testicular function and the tissue/muscle endocrine function release sufficient testosterone and DHT. The spontaneous erection can happen after practicing this Anal Breathing Qigong for few minutes.  It naturally stimulates spontaneous erection at rest or during the night or/and sleeping.

You need 3-6 months training practices to encode your local somatic nerves (the somatic action potential on the muscles or tissues is called Qi) in the pelvic cavity, pelvic floor, tailbone and testicles/scrotum into neuroplasticity.  Focusing Qi is referred as efferent nervous action on a special spot or organ. The reacting Qi , which can be somatic or autonomic,  is an afferent nervous action potential generated by local muscles or organs in response to somatic efferent Qi. The basic training is on how to focus Qi into a special spot or organ.

How to train your  gluteus muscle to contract against your tailbone
1. Split your legs with a distance of 2 x  your shoulders width;
2. Sit in the air with the horseback riding posture (Tai Chi horse-riding posture);
3. Move your pubic forward and bend your upper body (shoulders and head) backward to induce the natural contraction of your butts against your tailbone.
You need a lot of practice for the butts’ gluteusl muscle to get used to the contraction in any position and any time whenever you want.  Practices of moving your pubic forward and bending your upper body is not only for training, but also for powering erection and ejaculation control during sex.
This QiGong practice is to train you for sitting the horseback riding posture with the pubis movements  (back-forth and rotation) along with the gluteus muscle contraction against the tailbone-anus muscles for 15-30 minutes.

The horse-riding stance with gluteal muscle contraction is the foundation of Aquali Anal Breathing QiGong

The tailbone muscle consists of anococcygeus ligament and coccygeus (ischiococcygeus) muscle. The anococcygeus ligament is an fibrous median raphe in the pelvic floor,  laying between the coccyx and the margin of the anus.  The coccygeus muscle is attached to  the lower sacrum and the tailbone from the ischium (lower, rear portion of the hipbone) and from the ligaments that join the spinal column and the sacrum (triangular bone at the base of the spine), as shown in If you were a dog,  the coccygeus would let you wag your tail side to side.
The anococcygeus, embodying the first acupuncture point (Chang Qiang 長強) of the Governing Vessel 督脈,  plays a critical role in ejaculation control via the parasympathetic nerves S2-S5.  Stimulating Change Qiang can generate a powerful orgasm-like surge into the spine without ejaculation (achieving orgasm via anal sex???) while stimulating the pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle), which embodies the first acupuncture point Hwei Yin 會陰 of  Conceptive Vessel 任脈,  will result in activation of the prostate and bulbourethral gland sympathetic nerves L1-L3  for pre-ejaculation fluid leakage or seminal emission.  Both muscles lay in the opposite side of the anus and play an opposite role in sexual function.  However,  there are too close for comfort. To troubleshoot this contradional effect in sexual function. we employ the horse-riding stance with contraction of gluteus maximus against the tailbone to harmonize their effects.  Noticeably, the gluteus maximus muscle is also connected to the tailbone and the adjacent bones in the buttocks. It partially wraps over the anococcygeus and the coccygeus. The gluteus maximus is the strongest muscle in the human body, which can compress the coccyx and the coccygeus to piezoelectrically induce a powerful, electrifying signal for the spinal nerves.
In the horse-riding stance,  the pelvic floor (perineal) muscles  including anococcygeus muscle, ischiococcygeus muscle,  pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle), iliococcygeus muscle, ischiocavernosus muscle, and superficial transverse perineal muscle are stretching and the prostate, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands are fully relaxing in the expanding pelvic cavity. This will help you last longer. Contracting the gluteus maximus muscles against the tailbone,  ischiococcygeus muscle, and anococcygeus muscle will generate you a fake orgasm surge via  parasympathetic nerves S2-S5 to calm down your sympathetic nerves in the hypothalamus, and deactivate the sympathetic nervous orgasm/ejaculation generator inside  the autonomic reflex arcs of  the Disc L1-L3.
Besides, exercising the pelvic floor muscles will stimulate the local androgen receptors to turn cholesterol into androgen hormones, such as DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and DHT, with the liver P450 enzymes, in addition to elevation of the testicular (or ovarian) function. Thus, the pelvic floor muscles function as a powerhouse of sexual energy.  This is Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoists image the acupuncture points Hwei Yin 會陰 and Chang Qiang 長強 as the hot buttons of sexual energy. Realistically,  the entire pelvic flood muscles do work! 
Moving the pelvis up and down to shake the glans and testicles will activate the pelvic/testicular/penile vagus nerve to initiate the blood flowing into  the testicles and penis where the vagus sensory nerve are stimulated  Moving the pubis back and forth will expand the pubis to further stimulate the vagus nerve,  and will naturally contract the gluteal muscle against the tailbone muscle while further expanding the stretching of the pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle), iliococcygeus muscle, ischiocavernosus muscle, and superficial transverse perineal muscle, leading to a powerful stimulation of the S2-S5 parasympathetic nerves. Rotating the pubis with a vertically or horizontally elliptical motion in the horse-riding stance will produce a triple action on the penis, testicles and prostate:  more blood flow for penile erection, more blood supply for testicular androgen hormone production, and prostate relaxation.  Aquali Anal Breathing Qigong will let you do this with thoracics/abdomen/pelvic cavity inhaling/breathing for vagus nerve stimulation.  If you can do it for 30 minutes, your dopamine, HGH and androgen hormone will shoot up to the roof.   Applying this technique to sex will let you last longer with a powerful erection, and increase your dopamine, HGH and androgen hormone, so that you can get a full benefit from sex …. By the way, your erection must last longer than 30 minutes, so that your testicles can get sufficient nutrients from the pelvic and testicular blood flow to cook more androgen hormone (testosterone and DHT) in conjunction with the vagus nerve stimulation from the glans penis and testicles to the hypothalamus-pituitary axis for HGH, oxytocin, LH and FSH release that, in turn, further stimulates the testicular function (ovarian function for woman via the cervix and glans clitoral vagus nerves).  Aquali Anal Breathing QiGong is to train you to perform about 2000 strokes in a 30- minute love session. Incorporating Aquali Anal Breathing QiGong into sex, your serum androgen hormone will be elevated by the testicular function and the muscular stretching-contraction effects.  The maximum benefit can be achieved from 45-60 minute sex with Aquali Anal Breathing QiGong. Beyond 60 minutes, your stress response axis,  the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, will activate the stress responses with elevation of the hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion and a drop of dopamine to force the pituitary gland to release a high level of prolactin, leading to the flaccid state that returns the blood flow from your testicles and penis (female clitoris glans) back to your body.

Promoting blood flow toward your sex organ by stretching/expanding your pelvic muscles while periodically contracting your gluteus maximus against your tailbone muscles.

You have to relax (and expand) the pelvic and pubic muscles to induce blood flow toward your pelvic or sex organs (male penis and testicles; female uterus, vagina and clitoris) while contracting the tailbone muscles. Here we use male sex organs for explanation.
The horse-riding posture with moving or rotating symphysis pubis will allow more blood flowing into your entire pelvic cavity, perineum floor muscles, testicles and penis while stimulating the vagus and S2-S4 nerves for activation of both the parasympathetic nervous erectile mechanism and the vagus-dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary interaction.
The vagus-dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary interaction relaying from expansion-compression cycling of the symphysis pubis, the glans penis, and the testicles are very critical in the Anala Breathing Qigong practice. Performing vertically or horizontally ecliptic movement (expansion-compression ) of your symphysis pubis  will induce piezoelectricity for the local vagus sensory nerve to charge the dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary axis .   When sinking Qi from the abdominal cavity into the pelvic cavity,  you will see your scrotum and testicles moving downward and hanging low, which is termed as testicular breathing; while contracting the gluteus maximus against the tailbone for anal breathing, you will see your scrotum and testicles uplifting.  The cycling movement of the scrotum and testicles will also stimulate the vagus nerve in the testicles.
The vagus-dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary stimulation increases the release of oxytocin that helps you keep your testicular and penile arteries dilating for longer time; thus, you can erect harder and longer.

Here is our reader’s experience on Qigong induced erection:

Anal Breathing Qigong induces erection

Anal Breathing Qigong induces erection


How do you know you do it right?

If you contract the gluteus muscles against the tailbone (coccyx,)  you will feel a heat flowing into your tailbone after 5-10 cycles. In fact, each contraction uplifts the anococcygeus ligament (raphe)  toward your tailbone to stimulate the anococcygeus nerve (S4-S5 and Co) for the heat flow generation.  The gluteus muscle contraction against the tailbone also stimulates the pudendal nerves (S2-S4) and arteries to the anus, testicles and penis. You can get erection too during anal breathing practices with the horse-riding stance or in a relaxation sitting position, even without sexual stimulation. Anal Breathing Qigong movement with the horse-riding stance performs periodically expansion of the symphysis pubis which generates piezoelectricity to charge the penile branch of the pudendal nerves, known as the dorsal nerve of penis.  This gives me spontaneous erection during Qigong practice. It makes the erection harder and last much longer during sex. This is why I like to use the horse-riding stance to have sex. It allows you to perform 1000-3000 love thrusts at a high-frequency stimulation of 2.5 thrusts per second. It is like a love-making robot doing the job.
However, if you compress the prostate, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands though the PC muscle contraction, you will have precum (pre-ejaculation fluid) or semen leakage out.
Both distinguishable signs will let you know if you practice anal breathing correctly.
The correct anal breathing muscle movement lets you feel heat in the tailbone without precum leakage.

By the way, the anococcygeus nerve  and the dorsal nerve of penis are illustrated in…110955.111776.0.114294.…0…1.1.51.img..5.0.0.C1vAHoKGp7o#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

Special note for performing pubococcygeus (PC) muscle contraction during Anal Breathing Qigong exercises – It is OK to perform PC muscle contraction in the deep horse-riding position which fully expands all the perineum floor muscles including the PC muscles

If you are in a resting squat position like this –
it is ok to perform pubococcygeus (PC) muscle contraction exercises. This is because the resting squat position expands your PC muscle in the first place.  Anal Breathing Qigong contains 2 movements with this position.

I prefer this resting squat posture with this one for a maxima stretching of the PC muscle,  and then do PC muscle contraction. This will stimulate a lot of blood flow to your genital  –

Natural Frequency of Smoothing Muscles in the Cardiovascular System and the Pelvic Cavity

We have observed the orgasmic contraction frequency in the uterus and prostate/seminal vesicles at about a rate of 0.8 second per cycle, or 1.25 Hz, which is about 75 cycles per minutes, closed to the normal heart beat.  Therefore, you should practice inhaling-contraction at a rate of 0.8 second while holding a slight pressure against your bladder and pumping into your pelvic cavity in each inhaling.
The rate of 0.8 second is the normal contraction rate of both pelvic and heart smooth muscle.

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